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Yeah, I’m Alive April 13, 2009

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It’s just been an insanely busy couple of weeks. I’ve gone ahead and taken down the Magic Numbers table since the playoffs are now here, and there’s no point keeping that up. I have the last version of it saved, so in the event I decide to try this again next year–hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with it down the stretch–I won’t have to re-code the whole table, by hand, from scratch. Yes, I really DID hand-code that chart, in addition to keeping the numbers up to date for as long as I could. Some parts of that chart might have been easier if I hadn’t been forced to re-work them every time–knowing the head-to-head tie breaks down the stretch might have enabled me to keep the main chart going until the end, instead of wimping out with two weeks to go in the season.

A little late tonight for me to do full predictions for the Caps-Rangers series–I’ll hopefully be doing that tomorrow the second I’m home from my day job.

Nobody’s pledging my playoff beard?! Do I have to bribe you guys, or something? It’s for a good cause! Go to the Caps’ Beardathon site and pledge me! Please? ^_^

Game 1 is Wednesday night, and I intend to be there when the doors open. I will be in my usual garb, so I’ll be easy to spot. See you at the Phone Booth, as the Caps open the 2009 playoffs with (I intend) a convincing win on home ice.




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