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Beard-A-Thon! April 5, 2009

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(Housekeeping: I will be updating the playoff numbers chart, for whatever it’s worth at this point, tomorrow night.)

It’s a hockey tradition: growing a few whiskers in the postseason. I had already planned on doing that this year anyway, so when I found out Washington Capitals Charities was raising money on the idea, I jumped at the chance. I do not have a photo uploaded yet: I will be completely clean-shaven for Game 1, and will update with photos after each game (assuming my technology cooperates).

For those of you who want to contribute to Washington Capitals Charities, I would be tickled red if you wanted to do so by way of my facial hair. Go to the Caps’ Beard-A-Thon site and look up Trevor White (that’s me). However much you pledge is up to you, but they do have a leader board, so… (hint)

Good game by the Caps this afternoon–a little too exciting for comfort, but two points is two points, and a record season is possible yet. For those who are wondering if I scored any bonus swag at Fan Appreciation Day, well, no such luck this year. (The row in front of me got gift certificates to Hard Times, I think.) The beach towel they gave all fans was nice, though.

And yes, they did show my Red Line Monday segment at the game the other night against Buffalo. No, I wasn’t aware they were going to be showing it–I was walking back into 417 with a Diet Coke, and I see my name up there and go, “Oh, heck, that’s me.” I got seated in a hurry–not that it mattered, no cameras around so I wasn’t getting a close-up. Didn’t hear any boos in the building, despite a sizable Sabres contingent (where the HECK did those clodhoppers get all those tickets, anyway?!), so that’s progress, I guess.

Anyway…if you want to chip in to Washington Capitals Charities, I’m growing a few whiskers this spring, and I’d love them to be for a good cause. Thanks much!




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