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That Was Fun, I Think… March 22, 2009

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Got back at 4AM this morning from a Caps-related road trip. Trip was fun, I guess, but watching the Caps lose by a field goal definitely wasn’t. Got to say hi to Joe B, Stretch, and Steve Kolbe before the game, and participated in a pregame segment where a bunch of us stood on the steps of RBC Center and cheered for the Caps. If you watched the pregame on CSN, you probably saw me, because the camera guy was awfully close and pointing the camera straight at me.

A couple of random observations:

I’m now 0-2 lifetime in Raleigh, so I’m going to have to think twice about going down there next year. Not certain about that, though–The Nutty Bavarian made for awesome inter-period noshing, and the ‘Canes Fan Club treated us like royalty at a pre-game tailgating session.

First two periods were a good, tight game where I think we Caps fans did a good job being politely invasive. When the dot-board operator had to throw up a graphic going, “Whose house is this?”, I think we represented well.

I REALLY wish the Caps would have played better than they did, considering how many busloads of us rode four hours and change to watch them on the road.

Canes fans=CLASSY. I attended in my full outfit, and got MAYBE two snarky comments thrown at me all night. Unlike the Philly trip a couple of months ago, I can’t make the excuse of allowing for being a fan of the visiting team on this one. I HAVE had nights at Verizon Center where I’ve had worse thrown at me. Sometimes, MUCH worse.

Too many mascots for comfort at the game. Apparently, it was Stormy’s birthday (‘Canes mascot), and so a whole bunch of mascots showed up–including our own Slapshot, and (surprisingly) Thrash from Atlanta. (Why not–his team was on the road in Tampa.) They had a game of mascot musical chairs at the 2nd intermission, and it almost resembled a furry convention out there on the ice.

Can’t comment too well about the actual hockey game itself. I was watching from a low corner, which I’m not used to, so any analysis I offered would probably be wrong.

Ride back was funereal. The bus had a DVD player, but I’ve already seen “D2,” and frankly, I liked “Wanted” better when it was “The Matrix.”

A public “thank you” to Tina from the Caps Fan Club, who managed to find a way to get me home, despite Metro being closed for the night when we got back to Greenbelt.




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