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March 2009: Cards Only February 28, 2009

Posted by CapitalSpirit in Uncategorized.

Took a month off from doing this last month, not that anyone evidently noticed or cared. But if I want to be back on point for the playoffs, I think I’d better get some practice in now.

However, I do have a few things to catch up on this evening. I’ll come back and interpret this a bit later if there’s any interest. For now, let me just give the cards and their positions:

Basis: King of Chalices reversed
Crossing: 6 of Swords
Distant Past: Empress reversed
Recent Past: 3 of Swords
General Direction: Knave of Pentacles
Immediate Future: The Fool
Team: 2 of Pentacles
Outside Influences: Ace of Swords reversed
Hopes and Fears: Queen of Wands
Outcome: Queen of Chalices reversed

Quick impressions before I tend to other matters: A lot of court cards, so this is going to be a month that ends up turning around a few key players. Predictive spots don’t look bad at all. That reversed Ace of Swords is a concern, but that’s the only real worry in any of the present or future positions. Looks like a fairly good-quiet month ahead.

I’ll come back to this and give a more detailed breakdown if anybody wants to read it. Let me know in the Comments section of this post, and I’ll give a full write-up when I have time for it. But I’m not going to spend hours and hours interpreting this and typing up the results if nobody wants to read it. It generally looks OK–no major bad news to warn about, but then, no major good news to herald. The general impression I’m getting is “another notch in the gun belt”, and given how the Caps have been playing this season, that suits me just fine.




1. Justini - March 4, 2009

been outta town, I’d definently like a write up; and I noticed you didn’t do one last month, but I figured you must be busy

CapitalSpirit - March 4, 2009

Last month, you’ll recall that the Caps played consecutive home games on 1/31 and then again on 2/1. By the time I had the time to do the reading later that week, enough games had gone by that I felt a read on just February would have been pointless.

Other thing–I know which posts are getting traffic and which ones aren’t. Right now, people are looking at the playoff math. I need to update that later tonight, and that’s going to take precedence. If there’s time tonight, I might be able to finish the write-up. Tomorrow night, the Caps are back at home, so there goes that. I might be able to put the write-up to bed Friday night, or Saturday at the latest–regardless, I will try to have a full write-up done sometime before Sunday night. I hope.

Running a spare-time blog is no small commitment when you don’t really have a whole lot of spare time! 😮

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