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Shameless Self-Plug February 19, 2009

Posted by CapitalSpirit in Uncategorized.

I’m going to be featured on Capitals Red Line Monday this coming Monday, the 23rd, at 9:30 Eastern on Comcast Sports Net. The Caps’ press release about the show is here. Did I really just read that they called me “one of the most distinctive fans at Verizon Center”?

Also, after this week’s episode, the Caps’ website had a poll about what their favorite segment was on the show. I assume they’re going to do that again next week, and if they do, I’m going to take the opportunity right now to stuff the ballot box in advance. Will the readers of my blog please vote for me?

Unrelated, but worth a quick mention. Carolina just defeated the Islanders earlier tonight. If my math is right, that puts the Islanders’ top-end score in a dead heat with Boston’s current point total. I won’t be updating the table tomorrow night–Caps are hosting the ‘Lanche, and I’ll be there as always–but by the time I update on Saturday, we might have a couple of C’s and E’s to talk about.

I did note that others have said it’s not much fun seeing the Caps double digits away from even being assured of 14th place. True enough, but don’t forget, that number changes either when the Caps win, or when their standings opponent loses. So the Islanders’ loss tonight is going to bring the Caps pretty darn close to single digits. Also, Colorado isn’t exactly the best of the West–they’re in 14th right now, I think–so if the Caps win, that’s 2 more. And from there, look at the bottom of the Eastern standings: the next four or five teams are very close together, and a lot of them are having trouble winning games. So the Caps could go from 14th up to 11th in a hurry, especially as they have a 4-pointer against the Thrashers a week from tonight. Of course, by then the Caps may already have locked the Thrashers out of 1st in the Southeast. We’ll see–there’s a lot of hockey to play between now and next Thursday. And for the Caps, all of it is at home! Good times!

Anyway, check out the press release on the Caps’ website, and if they put a poll up after the show, VOTE FOR ME! 😀




1. MB - February 20, 2009

I have been loving Capitals Red Line Monday. When I noticed one of the features was on distinctive fans, I knew it was just a matter of time before you were featured. Congratulations, it must have been fun. Now, in terms of favorite feature, whereas I have enjoyed the segments on Goat and Horn Guy, my favorites so far have been “Professor” Bradley’s Forces of Hockey series (surprisingly serious!) Nevertheless, since you asked, I will make sure I vote yours as my favorite next week. Go Caps!

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