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Twenty Questions at the All-Star Break January 26, 2009

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There are a couple of questions I’ve been thinking about lately. In no particular order whatsoever…

1. What was up with that loss in Ottawa? We took too many penalties, and we paid for it with three PPG’s by the Sens and took another notch in the L column. The Sens are currently the worst team in the Northeast. Why did we let that one get away?

2. Have Alex Ovechkin and Evgeni Malkin really patched things up? And if so, can they keep it that way?

3. I’m looking at the photo of Alex in this morning’s Washington Times, and I see that he’s got a cross around his neck. What’s the story on that?

4. The trade deadline is getting ever closer. Will the Caps be buying, or standing pat?

5. How long before the rest of the Caps’ home slate gets completely sold out?

6. How much more am I going to be paying for my tickets next year?

7. Who’s going to give me more lip at the game this Saturday–Wings fans, or Caps fans? More importantly–and more depressingly–why do I even have to ask this question about the fans in my home arena?

8. Can the Caps figure out where that extra gear is right now, or are they going to wait until the playoffs (again) and (again) find it too late?

9. How bad will the Blues and Islanders get this year?

10. Can anyone stop the Bruins or Sharks?

11. Will the Blue Jackets FINALLY make their first playoff appearance this year?

12. Will the Maple Leafs ever get around to rebuilding their team the right way? Or are they just going to settle for becoming a permanent also-ran? Fans in hockey-mad Toronto deserve better than what they’re getting, I should think.

13. What is the future of fighting in the NHL?

14. Will Wayne Gretzky ever win another Stanley Cup, this time from behind the bench?

15. When will the NHL wise up and start promoting Ovechkin over Crosby?

16. Will the Hurricanes disappoint again this year?

17. Will the Panthers surprise the East by making the playoffs this year?

18. Olie Kolzig in Tampa Bay…how’s that working out?

19. What the heck happened to the Thrashers?

20. And finally…when it rains, why don’t sheep shrink?




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