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Scratch #94? January 17, 2009

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I hope not.

For those who don’t know, 94 is the number on the back of my jersey. There’s a story behind it, but that’s not the point of this post.

The point is, there’s been some talk about President-elect Obama attending a Capitals game. The chatter got started when Mr. Obama was touring the Post’s newsroom. Not the Times, I noted–either he’s attending the friendlier paper first, or he’s not being quite as bipartisan as perhaps he could be. But I’ll leave that discussion for the current-events crowd in this town, who will do a much better job of it than a hockey blogger with a mystical bent.

But while Obama was touring the Post, he asked about the Redskins, Nationals, Wizards, and…whoops, not the Capitals. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, and assume that he merely had an innocent on-the-record brain cramp, merely forgot the Capitals unintentionally, and meant no slight to our team. At least, I certainly hope that’s the case.

Regardless, the chattering started about whether Mr. Obama would ever attend a Capitals game. While it would certainly put the Capitals on the map, I’m not so sure I’d attend if I knew in advance that security was going to be extra-jumpy. Even if the Secret Service did know in advance what I look like, I’m not so sure they’d let me in the building en grande tenue. While it would be an incredible bit of history to be able to say that I was at a hockey game, in the same building as a sitting President, I wouldn’t want there to be any misunderstandings about my attire. So I might think twice about showing up if we’re told to allow extra time to get past security.

If it’s unannounced, and turns out to be unobtrusive, great. But if the attendance of a high-level guest such as Mr. Obama ends up disrupting the normal game-night experience, I’ll have none of it. It’s not personal–it’s just that I don’t want to be viewed as a possible suspect the second I set foot in the Phone Booth. I won’t enjoy the game if I feel like I’m being treated as a threat. We could whip the Penguins 10-0, but it’s not going to be any fun if I think I’m being observed like an amoeba on a Petri dish the whole time.

If I can, for lack of a better phrase, “be me” at the game, and get the same level of scrutiny as other fans, it would be an honor to be there. But if I’m going to get singled out for a GEICO-money stare the whole time, I’ll pass.

On another note, I am going to be offline for all of next week. The Magic Number Countdown–which not many are reading, if my stats are any guide–will be updated once I’m back online.

Caps host the Bruins tonight, in a #1 vs. #2 showdown. See you all at the rink.




1. jf1 - January 18, 2009

I concure, no need for more stress at a game. I do doubt they would single you out, even with your cape, you are not a threat. If he wants hockey great. Bring Obama on, but leave us tried and true alone.,
Miss you this week while you are off. Be safe. Jen

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