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You Do the Math: 1/14/09 January 14, 2009

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A couple of interesting notes about the standings math.

The only really glaring discrepancy between the NHL standings and the teams’ top-end scores is the Rangers. They’ve already played 45 games, and they are barely hanging onto the 3 spot. The Flyers, with 2 games in hand and only 1 point behind, could very easily win the Atlantic by doing nothing more than keeping pace with the Rangers the rest of the way. Montreal takes a jump when you rank the teams by top-end score, but they can’t finish in the top 3 if Boston wins the division. Mathematically, they have a lot of potential, but they have to get past Boston, or they’ll be seeded 4th at best. After that, the East has been obscenely quiet: I didn’t have to move any teams around, so it’s been a procession since my last update.

The Western Conference, on the other hand!!!

Minnesota and Edmonton have identical records, and take a similar jump in the standings when you rank the teams by their top-end score. Meanwhile, Phoenix and Vancouver take a horrific standings hit when you consider that they’ve got fewer games left to play. They’re barely above the playoff cutoff, and they don’t have much wiggle room as we head into the All-Star break. They could very easily find themselves booking April tee times unless they start winning more of the fewer games they have remaining. The Canucks, in particular, need to right their ship soon, as this 3-5-2 swoon they’re in coming into tonight’s games is taking a huge toll on the amount of points they have left available.

As for the Capitals, they know what they have to do: win tonight in Pittsburgh, win Saturday against the Bruins, and try to get some of their momentum back. I didn’t like seeing some of the cards that came up for the Caps when I did my predictions for January, and I felt like an idiot when they rattled off 4 straight victories to start the month. Well, they’re now 4-3 this month, and they’ve got no small test tonight in the Steel City. Ready for more? How ’bout hosting the Bruins on Saturday? Fortunately, they have a couple of away games at Ottawa and on the Island to (hopefully!) get a few road wins headed into the All-Star break.

All eyes will likely be on Pittsburgh tonight, for what could very well be described as an All-Star game that actually means something. The puck drops in about 30 minutes. Warm up the pizza and cool the drinks, Caps fans–this one will be a good one, no matter what the score.




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