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Playoff Math, 1/7/09 January 7, 2009

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Well, since it is almost time for the All-Star game, I think we can now start looking ahead to counting down who needs how many points to do exactly what as far as the postseason goes. I already have the results up on a new page–it would have been too clunky to leave it stickied up front. Feel free to check it out, and if you have any questions about it, feel free to comment.

There are no predictions on there: it’s just cold, hard, inescapable arithmetic. Kids, stay awake in math class, or you’ll have a very hard time doing something like this when you grow up.

A couple of notes from Monday and Tuesday night’s contests:
The Islanders’ setback in Edmonton helped pretty much every other team in the Eastern Conference. A couple of teams (Carolina, Buffalo) who were closer to being knocked out of President’s Trophy contention are now suddenly closer to securing at least 14th in the Eastern Conference. It’s not a lost season on the Island yet–mathematically, at least–but Islanders fans may soon find themselves wiping tears off their calculators.

San Jose lost to the Flames, and that made things a bit more interesting out west. I had to rearrange a whole bunch of rows on the West grid, which shows you just how wide-open the West is right now. After you get past San Jose, Detroit, Calgary, and Chicago, the West is pretty much wide open, although some of those St. Louis ribs might have a bit more salt on them than usual come March. Yes, March. The way the Blues are playing, they may already be mathematically out of it by March if they keep playing like they have been lately. Of course, if they do keep it up, that means there will be a whole lot of teams clinching 14th in the West awfully early. As with the Islanders, the Blues could mathematically finish anywhere from 1st to 15th right now, but at this rate, I wouldn’t bet on the Blues to make the second season.

Only two games on tap tonight, and none of the teams are chart-rattlers. I’ll update the grid tomorrow once I’ve seen the final of the nightcap.




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