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The Best I’ve Got December 31, 2008

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Last night on the boards, I was taken to task for, essentially, being ineffective with my healing work for the team.

I normally wouldn’t bother answering that. Skeptics will be skeptics no matter what I say or do, so I’m wasting my keystrokes on them. Folks who are inclined to believe need no further convincing–wasting my keystrokes again. I myself don’t need any convincing–more wasted keystrokes. So I guess my audience with this one is for those one or two whose minds aren’t already made up.

When I do my distance work for the Caps, I do it as a group intention. I don’t name players–I just intend healing for the team as a whole, and leave the decision about who gets healed and how fast up to the Source of these healings. Theoretically, I could name names, but I’m not about to do that, for a couple of reasons.

First, I trust that when the players do heal up, they will come back at the right time for the team as a whole. We’ve had the players we needed, when we needed them. We just rattled off our second-best December in franchise history, we’re 9-1 over our last ten, we’re second in the Eastern Conference, and we’re leading the Southeast by a dozen points on New Year’s Eve. How, exactly, have we been hampered by a lack of healthy players? I would submit that we haven’t. Yes, there are some fan favorites who aren’t playing due to injuries. Yet, we are still winning. A lot. I repeat: We’ve had the players we needed, when we needed them. I trust that there’s a Plan to who will return and when, and I’m not going to try to second-guess it by singling out one player.

Second, it takes the same amount of time for me to do a full-team session as it would to single out one player (usually about twenty minutes, give or take). And for every player who’s out, there may well be another one who’s playing through something minor, but we don’t know about it. It’s not fair to the Boyd Gordons and Matt Bradleys of the team to focus exclusively on, say, Alexander Semin, and leave them out of the picture. And it’s really not fair to those with minor, but playable, dings, to focus only on the players on the injury list. I can’t go down the roster, one name at a time, and guess who needs healing and who doesn’t. And I only have so much time available, so if I can do for the entire roster in twenty minutes, what it might take seven hours to do going one player at a time, that’s exactly what I’ll do.

Third, we’ve already had players returning from injuries–just not the popular ones. I could, if I really wanted to do all that research, look at each player’s game-by-game log and note who’s been out for more than a couple of games, and then returned to the ice. But I’m not here to keep score like that. Again, I trust that there is a Divine rationale for who returns at what point, and that we will continue to have the players we need, when we need them. That’s not the same as having the players we want, when we want them.

Fourth, I’d much rather see our superstars coming back at 100% in, oh I don’t know, April, and be healthy enough to go, say, another two months. If the alternative is to have them back at 75% in January, only to get re-injured by, oh I don’t know, a crosscheck in the back that doesn’t get called, I’d rather they take all the time they need to heal up to 100%. Especially if we’re still winning while they’re getting better. Think about it–if we’re this good with reserves and call-ups, how good will we be when the big guns get back? Better we find that out in April than January, yes?

One thing they teach you when you learn Reconnective Healing is not to focus on one specific area. For example, if someone comes in with really bad migraines, don’t just work around the head–work where you feel the disturbances, wherever those happen to be. Don’t focus on one area so much that you neglect to treat the whole person. Essentially, I’m doing the same thing for the Caps–not focusing on one player so much that I neglect the rest of the team. Therefore, it’s best to just do what I’ve been doing–sending intentions for the team as a whole, not any one specific player.

Believe you me, as a Caps fan, I really do want to see our superstars back PDQ. But I can’t get so hung up on one person that I neglect everyone else on the team–particularly if it’s not in the team’s Divine plan.

To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, I am doing the very best I can as a healer–no more, no less. If I am sincerely doing all I can, then the discouragement of a few message board mavens will be inconsequential. If I am not doing enough, then the consolation of a thousand angels would fall on deaf ears.

I’m not going to allow myself to fail. Not now, not ever. And if that’s not enough for some people, then that’s their problem, not mine.




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