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Capitals Predictions for January 2009 December 31, 2008

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Well, here goes nothing. I was a little too pessimistic last month, and I’ll try not to make that mistake again. Of course, I’ve been saying “mixed to good” for the past two months, and the Caps have been pretty much tearing the roof off the Eastern Conference. It’s that time of the month, so let’s get it started.

Deck: Tarot of the Angels (Scarabeo)
Spread: Celtic Cross
Question: “What does January 2009 hold for the Washington Capitals?”

FIRST IMPRESSION: Individually, when you look at the meanings of each card one by one, this spread is almost wall-to-wall bad news. I don’t know if that’s a reflection of bad energies in the environment–you should have heard the howl of wind that just blew outside my window–or if this really is a harbinger of trouble this month for the Caps. I really want to be wrong here–this is a lot of gloom and doom. Still, it is the answer I got, and I’m not going to sit on it–if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. And besides: Praemonitus, praemunitus. Let’s get it over with.

BASIS: XV, THE DEVIL REVERSED. (Element: Earth) There’s not a whole lot of consolation I can really offer here. This represents not temptation–that would be right-side-up–but giving in to it. And what might that temptation be right now? The only thing I can think of offhand is the temptation of complacency. Yes, the Caps are doing very well right now, and the temptation may be out there to assume that the rest of the season is as close to a foregone conclusion as it gets. But look at some of the games we’ve got this month: vs Philly, at Montreal, at Pittsburgh, vs Boston, at Boston, vs Detroit. Yes, we do host Columbus and visit the Island, but there are some games in here which could be very, very difficult if we think the rest of the season is a given. Resist the Devil, and he will flee. Don’t believe the hype–keep playing hard.

CROSSING: 6 OF CHALICES. The 6 of Chalices, like most cards in its suit, is a sweet card. It speaks to the harmony of the present and past, and general overall success. I’m going to read it as the road the Caps are on, because of what’s in the General Direction position. The fun part is going to be squaring all that against the Outcome, but no skipping ahead. For now, with the 6 of Chalices as a Crossing, there’s a general atmosphere of success which is covering the Devil reversed as the basis. The symbolism here is striking: success and harmony are covering up the complacency. So, is the Caps’ recent success illusory after all? It’s hard to say, but the rest of this layout seems to suggest that it is. I hope the success continues, but I don’t want it to be a cover for something nefarious going on away from public view.

DISTANT PAST: X, THE WHEEL REVERSED. (Element: Fire) At its most basic, The Wheel, when reversed, is about bad luck. Now, the good news here is that this is distant past, so it’s not going to be hanging around forever. The bad news is that it’s not quite off the board yet. So, Dame Fortune may come knocking sometime soon. Trouble is, she may have to knock pretty hard, because her daughter Miss Fortune has wrecked the bell. Awful jokes aside, what we have here, put simply, is bad luck in the past that is still in play as January approaches. While we’re not out of the woods yet, the end may be in sight before the month is up.

RECENT PAST: ACE OF WANDS REVERSED. This card tends to speak of greed, avarice, and both overconfidence and sterility at the same time. Essentially, it means “all talk, no walk.” My instant reaction when I saw it hit the table was, What the heck is that card doing in that position? If anything, the Caps have been walking tall this past month. But then I look back at the two center cards (Devil reversed crossed by 6 of Chalices), and it doesn’t quite seem so implausible. Perhaps there’s some one-upmanship going on in the room that we’ll never hear about. Fortunately, this is in the past, so it’s not something that will hang around (much) in January. Perhaps this means the Caps may be more walk and less talk than they were even in December. THAT is a scary thought…

GENERAL DIRECTION: 10 OF CHALICES. I like this card in this position. I like it a LOT. Again, this is happily-ever-after as the general direction things are heading. That’s great–but the Outcome card is almost diametrically opposed to it, as I alluded to earlier, and as always, no fair skipping ahead. My interpretation of this card in this position, given what else is on the layout, is that the Caps will make progress towards a good playoff run–even if the end result of January is as bad as the Outcome says it’s going to be.

IMMEDIATE FUTURE: 7 OF SWORDS REVERSED. Remember that game we played at the Rangers on the 23rd? The one where the Rangers jumped out to a 4-0 lead, and we still came back to beat them? You could say that the Rangers had a bit of a 7 of Swords reversed moment. The card speaks to having victory in your grasp, but giving up. I have a guy behind me in 417 who always yells, “No let downs!” when the Caps are ahead but seemingly in danger of losing that lead. The subconscious doesn’t understand “no”, so he may be intending letdowns without even knowing it–remind me, I might have to tell him that at tomorrow night’s tilt with Tampa Bay. Anyway, all told, the 7 of Swords reversed as an Immediate Future card indicates a letdown of some kind–having victory in the palm of your hand, and letting it get away from you. Looking at the next five games, I want to say we need to beware of letdowns when we host the Flyers.

TEAM: 2 OF SWORDS REVERSED. When reversed, the 2 of Swords is a warning against bad advice, trickery, and deceit. This is coming up at the base of the staff, so it actually represents forces within the team itself. I’m not going to speculate about what that might mean.

OUTSIDE INFLUENCES: 5 OF WANDS REVERSED. No, no, NO. NOT good. 5’s are not fun. This card speaks of unnecessary competitiveness, spiteful conversation, hurt, and ruin. Come on, cards, are the message boards that bad? Is Ted really getting that much bad email? Are we, the fans, really hurting the team? It’s not a comfortable thought, but it is what it is. I really do wish the fans of the Caps could be more positive, and this card isn’t exactly making me optimistic about that. “Meadowlark Nylander” is currently one of the most recent posts on the board as I type this–again, this goes back to what I’ve written about loving the players we have, as they are. That doesn’t mean you never criticize; that doesn’t mean you compliment a bad job. That means acceptance of the player as a player, and as a Capital. I hope that, should things turn south this month, that the boards won’t disintegrate with all the nastiness, but…

HOPES AND FEARS: 6 OF WANDS REVERSED. The 6 of Wands reversed is about indecision and fear. Does this mean that there are some who, subconsciously, are afraid that December was too good to be true? Is there a worry that some decisions–roster moves, scratches, and so on–may be different from what some would prefer? The only thing we have to fear may in fact be fear itself, but it seems that there is some of that in the room, if only on a subconscious level. And I’ll bet you I know why. Next card, please…?

OUTCOME: 9 OF SWORDS. No way around this one–the 9 of Swords is one of the most difficult cards in the Minor Arcana. Nightmares; loss; cruelty; suffering; disappointment; it’s just wall to wall bad news. The silver lining to it is similar to that of The Tower: after it’s all over, it’s time to begin anew. So even though January may not come out as well as we’d like it to, there may be more hope once February gets here. What’s interesting here is that the 9 of Swords is the outcome, and the 10 of Chalices is the general direction. How do you go in a general direction of 10 of Chalices, and end up at the 9 of Swords? I think the answer here is that January may be a down month, but the rest of the season should be OK. Remember, the question was about January in particular, and the outcome would be the outcome of January only, not just the general direction things are going. So the promise of renewal at the end of a bad outcome, coupled with the general direction of victory, tells me this: Even if things go horribly wrong this month, don’t fear, don’t lose heart. We are still the team to beat in the Southeast, and any misadventures this month will only be momentary setbacks on our road to victory. Expect some losses, Caps fans–some may even be bad ones. But remember that it is only temporary, and the Capitals are still headed in the right direction.

DISTRIBUTION: 1 Earth, 3 Air, 4 Fire, 2 Water. 2 Majors. Fire and Earth energies are slightly off right now, and that generally is an indication to slow down, ground yourself, and perhaps even to be still and know. 2 Majors is unremarkable, but the lack of court cards is a surprise. Not sure what to make of that–perhaps that the team will stand or fall as a team, and no one will really do anything out of character for better or worse.

Puck drops at 7 PM for our New Years’ date with the Bolts–see you there.



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