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A Gift For Flyers Fans? December 15, 2008

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This Saturday, I’ll be joining the Caps Fan Club on a road trip to Philadelphia, to watch the Caps take on your Flyers. I’ve been to your arena exactly once, and you Flyers fans actually treated me well. I got some verbal jabs, as expected, but never once did I feel like I was in physical danger. You were, for the most part, gracious hosts last time I was there: so much so that I promised myself, after I left Wachovia Center, to return in some future season.

Now, I’ve heard from other Caps Fan Club members that such was not the case in last year’s playoffs: they DID feel threatened up there last April. I’m going to chalk that up to it being the playoffs, and give you Flyers fans the benefit of the doubt for Saturday’s (ahem) regular-season contest.

But, just in case, let me offer you all a bit of an incentive. If the Capitals win on Saturday, I will do a distance healing session for the Flyers at some point on the bus ride back to Washington. PROVIDED! Provided that I am treated as a guest, and as a fellow hockey fan, NOT as an enemy. A couple of playful verbal jabs here and there is fine–I know it’s your barn, sticks and stones, yadda yadda–but keep it light, keep it hospitable, and keep it in good fun. You do that, Flyers fans, and I will, upon my honor, repay your kindness. If the Caps lose, I might still go through with it, but only if the rest of the experience was positive. However, regardless of the score, if the rest of the experience is bad, then I will offer nothing. I don’t do curses–those have a way of biting you back–but I will have no reason to offer a blessing if it won’t be accepted.

Now, I’ll admit, looking at your injury report, that there are a couple of guys on the list that Caps fans don’t much like. As a healer, that’s not my concern. My allegiance is to more than just my sweater: it’s much higher than that. I believe in the power of God’s Love, and I believe in loving my neighbor as myself. And hey, won’t there be only five days until Christmas? Let’s enjoy a great game as fellow hockey fans, regardless of what sweater (or cloak!) we wear, and show some Christmas spirit while we’re at it. You guys up to it?

I look forward to Saturday’s contest, and to seeing two exciting hockey teams do battle. It’s true: our respective clubs have played some very emotional games in years gone by, and last year’s postseason was no exception. But my hope is that no matter what the final score on Saturday, we all remember this: no matter what colors we wear, and no matter what players we cheer for, that we are all united by our common passion for the coolest game around. (And, perhaps, a mutual loathing of the Pittsburgh Penguins!)

Philadelphia, I will see you on Saturday. I hope to come home as impressed with you this season, as I was on my last visit. I hope to see a good hockey game; I hope to be treated as your fellow hockey fan; but most of all, I hope that, in Love, I may be able to offer,

Blessings, Flyers Fans–
Capital Spirit


1. The Frozen Fan - December 16, 2008

As a fellow blogger and a Flyers season ticket holder, I genuinely hope you do have another good experience at the Wachovia Center on Saturday. The vast majority of us Flyer fans really are good people, and despite the verbal sparring, we do appreciate hockey fans regardless of which city they cheer for. (Well, maybe not Pittsburgh fans, but . . . šŸ™‚

I wouldn’t worry too much about Saturday. Regular season games are populated by the true blue diehard Flyer fans, and we actually understand how to behave with other hockey fans (although Mike Wise may beg to differ). Playoff games attract a whole different crowd than the regulars, and that’s why those games can get out of hand quickly.

Good luck this weekend! Mike Green happens to be among my favorite players, so I’m excited to see he’s back in action.

2. CapitalSpirit - December 16, 2008

Frozen, thanks for the kind words! If you see me at the game on Saturday, be sure to stop me and say hi.

I may dress in Capitals red, but I probably don’t like the Penguins much more than you do, I’m not that high on the Rangers, and I think Sabres fans can be awfully obnoxious when they visit. Perhaps Flyers fans and Caps fans may have more common ground than we think?

I’m going to add you to my Links section on the Out of Town Scoreboard. Hope to see you here again.

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