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Monthly Predictions: November ’08 November 1, 2008

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Yesterday, I took a look back at October, and today, I’m going to take a look forward at November. You regulars will know the drill by now, so I’ll spare you the pointless jibberjabber.

Deck: Tarot of the Angels (Scarabeo)
Spread: Celtic Cross
Question: “What does November 2008 hold for the Washington Capitals?”

First impression: Not a lot of good news here. In fact, a lot of this looks just plain bad. But if it’s any consolation, some of this could have been much, much worse. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being “a minor setback” and 10 being “that’s it, season over, we’re playing out the string and it’s not even Christmas yet”, this is about a 4 or a 5. There are a couple of bad-news cards here which have been softened by reversal, so this isn’t a horrible outlook. But what concerns me in no small regard is the complete lack of Earth energy on this layout. There are no Pentacles to be seen, and the 3 Majors here are two Fire and one Air. And there’s only one Swords card out there, leaving a distribution of 4-4-2-0, which I’ll comment on at the end. What I see here is a warning against imbalance, and signs of trouble ahead.

BASIS: 8 OF SWORDS. The 8 of Swords is a card of interference, of constraint, of not being able to accomplish what you hope. The image here is of a woman tied up and blindfolded in a barren place, with eight swords thrust into the ground all around her. Two putti are starting to free her: one is untying the rope that binds her, the other is removing her blindfold. That lends a slightly optimistic note to a very challenging card: even though you are constrained right now, help is on the way. Just don’t struggle against it. As the Basis card, the 8 of Swords speaks to being in a place you don’t want to be, and seemingly trapped in unfavorable circumstances. Despite that, this card portends Divine assistance right by your side–if you’re willing to accept it. So even though 5-3-1 isn’t quite where the Caps wanted to be right now, Divine help is available, if they care to accept it.

CROSSING: VIII, STRENGTH (Element: Fire) (A housekeeping comment: starting with this entry, I’m going to try to make a habit of giving the numbers of the Major Arcana.) Based on the rest of the layout, I’m going to interpret this in a way I don’t often do. This is something that looks good, but which should still be avoided, and you’ll understand why I take that line of interpretation as the rest of this unfolds. Strength has to do with overcoming everything by sheer force of will. Go ahead and silence that lion, because the power to do so is all yours. You have the power to overcome any obstacle in your path, so carpe diem, carpe noctem, carpe everything-em. So why avoid that? Because for one thing, it may in fact be illusory: the strength may be false, and if you overplay your hand, you’re going to get burned. Consider an example from the poker table: it’s the very first hand of a tournament, you’re in middle position, and you get dealt pocket kings. Wow, great start! You decide to flat-call your way to the flop, and make sure no one chasing an Ace gets lucky on the first hand. You’re the second of four players that see the flop. The flop comes 9-7-2 rainbow, and the guy in front of you checks. You bet the pot, hoping to take it right there. The players behind you fold, and the guy up front calls. Turn is a queen: he checks, you bet the pot, he calls. River is another rag, and the board is uncoordinated and offsuit. Suddenly, the guy up front bets the pot. You assume your kings are good, call, and are stunned when the guy turns over Sunset Strip and busts your pocket cowboys with a set of mullets. Your kings were dead on the flop, you overplayed them, and got burned. Good luck climbing back into this tourney. Yes, that did happen to me once, and I actually ended up recovering and finishing in the money. But that’s what happens when you embrace strength that’s not true, which is what this seems to be, given the rest of the layout and its position within it.

DISTANT PAST: KNAVE OF CHALICES REVERSED. If this is a player, they have two years or less at the NHL level, and may be in the minors. They have a watery, emotional element to their game, but they have trouble using that emotion productively. They are prone to taking stupid penalties when they’re agitated, and could drop the mitts–and get their clock cleaned–at exactly the wrong time. The good news is, this player is in the distant past. The bad news is, they’re still in the picture. And given everything else, they could be a factor in some of the more challenging cards I see coming up. This could also indicate a bad emotional beginning of some kind. Perhaps this may be a reference to the Opening Night hairball in Atlanta. If so, then perhaps that Thanksgiving Eve date we have against the Thrashers may be one to circle on your calendars.

RECENT PAST: XI, JUSTICE (Element: Air) The key concept here is “Decisions, decisions,” and when Justice is face-up in this position, that usually means good decisions have been made by the people who need to make them. Now, that is in the past, so I’m not sure that correct decisions are going to be the order of the day going forward. But this is an acknowledgement that good decisions have been made in the recent past, and those will work to the advantage of the Caps in November. And they’re going to need all the help they can get. Here’s where the bad news kicks in…

GENERAL DIRECTION: 10 OF WANDS REVERSED. The 10 of Wands is about oppression, about being burdened with too much of a good thing. Reversed, it’s not much better: you’re actually taking others’ burdens on yourself, and stressing yourself out as a result. There’s jealousy. There’s treachery. There’s deceit. The road ahead is hard. You can’t really do much with the stress–it’s there regardless of which way the 10 falls–but you CAN double-check to make sure everything is all wool and a yard wide. I want to say beware of trades that look too good on paper, but I just can’t believe the Caps would be making trades in only the second month of the season. Watch out for sneaky play by the other team. Essentially, know that it’s going to be a stressful month, but be aware that there will be some deception in your path, as well.

IMMEDIATE FUTURE: KING OF CHALICES REVERSED. That’s cute. We put one case of bad emotions in the rearview mirror, and all of a sudden, here’s another one coming down the pike. If it’s a player, he has 10 or more years of NHL experience, and is emotional to a fault. I’m thinking, however, that this may indicate something concluding in a very emotional, and challenging, way, which will have a significant impact on the next few games. I’m not sure what that is, and I want my impression here to be wrong. I will not disclose what I’m getting here–I don’t want to be accused of anything.

QUERANT: 6 OF WANDS. A good day’s work, and now it’s time to come home and celebrate. That’s the general message of the 6 of Wands. Well done! Good job! Here’s a good home-cooked dinner, and afterwards, don’t forget the regulars are coming over for poker night, so make sure… (You get the idea.) Right now, the Caps did a decent (not great) job in October, and have been given a slow stretch of schedule to rest and heal up. They need to make good use of it, because the rest of the news here is really, really challenging.

OUTSIDE INFLUENCES: 5 OF CHALICES REVERSED. When face-up, the 5 of Chalices is an emotional loss. Reversed, it’s still not exactly good news, but it does soften the blow a bit. Instead of an emotional loss, it’s more like “worry, worry, worry,” with a little bit of bad luck thrown in for good measure. It’s not something you want to see, but it could be worse. There may be some off-the-ice concerns that end up affecting the team as a whole. This is strengthening the impression I got with that reversed King a couple of cards ago, but again, I’m going to keep what I’m seeing to myself. If I’m wrong on this, I don’t want to have given bad information; and if I’m right, I don’t want to be blamed for causing it. Moving on…

HOPES AND FEARS: 9 OF CHALICES REVERSED. The warning here is one against complacency, vanity, and failure to recognize faults. October was hit-or-miss, and November looks like it could be a lot more misses than hits. And since the Caps are currently 8th in the conference, that’s bad. Really bad. The warning here is to shut your mouth and let your game do the talking. I know Alex Semin has been all over Home Ice the last couple of days with his comments about Sidney Crosby, but this applies to everyone in the room: don’t give anyone any more ammunition than necessary. Play the game on the ice, not in the press.

OUTCOME: XVI, THE TOWER REVERSED. (Element: Fire) The only way this could have been worse would have been if this had been face-up. As is, this is still bad news. It’s not exactly Mass Hysteria time, but it does signal a negative outcome. With all else I see here on the layout, I have to predict more losses than wins, and hope to God I’m wrong. If there’s any silver lining to this, it’s that after the Tower comes down, there’s usually a new beginning, and you start the next chapter of your life older and wiser. So even though it looks like November may be a bad month overall, there is a very slight hint that things may look up in December.

DISTRIBUTION: Fire 4, Water 4, Air 2, Earth 0, Majors 3. The number of Majors isn’t remarkable: 2 or 3 is about what you’d expect on a ten-card spread. The imbalance is in the elements present: no Earth energy at all, Air less than it could be, and Fire and Water both above normal at 4 cards apiece. Fire and Water is a very, very volatile mix. Fire turns water to steam; water puts fire out. When that’s not countered by a moderating force, it can mean a lot of trouble if it’s not harnessed properly. It’s going to be a very explosive month for the Caps, with a lot of ups and downs, but it looks like it will be more downs than ups. I really want to be wrong here, but it looks, by all accounts, like we’re not going to be at our best in November.

Our first test is in less than an hour, as we square off with Buffalo. Here we go…



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