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Instant Reactions: Caps 4, Predators 3 (SO) October 28, 2008

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I have yet to read any postgame coverage, so this is my unadulterated take on the game from my perch in 417. I’m not an expert, I’m just a fan in a cloak, so some of this might be a little off.

  • If Semin keeps scoring like this, he’s going to need to learn some English so he won’t be giving his Hart Trophy acceptance speech in Russian. Last season, he was hit or miss some nights, but this season, he has been a force of nature. If he were shooting craps in Vegas, he’d be scaring the dots off the dice right about now, and the whole table would be betting in blacks and purples.
  • Theodore wasn’t great, but he did play well enough to eke out the W. He didn’t see a lot of shots in the first, and I think he allowed 1 goal on 4 shots. Even if it’s slow, you still have to know how to repair that Maytag. He did make the stop he needed to make in the shootout to seal the deal, so at least we have one shootout victory to our credit. Theodore=PASS.
  • At the other end of the pond, Backstrom really should have potted his shot in the shootout. He scores there, it’s game over. Instead, the Preds tied it up, and we went to sudden death. No harm no foul there, as Nylander was good enough to book the winner, but it shouldn’t have had to go there. Backstrom seems to be in a bit of a sophomore slump so far.
  • I’m blind, I’m deaf, I wanna be a ref…I’m not sure what the penalty differential was, but there were a couple of calls that looked fishy, and a couple of no-calls that looked fishier. Fortunately, Dave Steckel managed to net a shorty that we ended up needing to stay in the game.
  • Speaking of shorties, is there a cute hockey term for a team scoring an even-strength goal, a power-play goal, and a short-handed goal, all in the same game? If there isn’t, there should be. If there is, I don’t know what it is offhand–any of my readers know?
  • Defense looked a bit better, but still needs work. The defenseive corps looked good enough to defend the Mustang Ranch, but I wasn’t entirely convinced that they could have done anything worthwhile inside the place. There was progress, to be sure, but I doubt there will be any Norris nominations coming the Capitals’ way come June.
  • I was glad to see that they didn’t overdo the Halloween stuff. I do like the music of Mike Oldfield, but I swear, if they had played the opening theme of Tubular Bells, I would have been outta there. What good has Halloween ever done? (Hmm…there might be an essay in that question. No promises, readers, but stay tuned…)
  • Well, the Burrito Dash came to 417, and I found out a couple of things. First, I can’t intercept a thrown burrito with wands in my hands and clips on my fingers. Second–and this is the surprise–those aren’t burritos inside that foil. There’s a coupon for a burrito attached to the thing, but what’s inside that foil is actually a Chipotle T-shirt. My seat-mate actually caught one, so I did see the shirt in question. Makes sense, when you think about it: food allergies might be a factor for some fans, and if an actual burrito exploded on someone and made a mess, it would not be a pretty thing.
  • Predators jerseys=UGLY. ‘Nuff said?
  • I must have posed for a dozen pictures tonight if I posed for two.
  • Donated to the Puck Surprise, and drew Tom Poti. My seat-mate got Nylander, and one of the younger fans who knows me well actually drew Alex Ovechkin. They probably heard his shriek of sheer delight all the way up in the pressbox. Aww, the simple joys of childhood. Congratulations, guy, and keep rocking the red.
  • Have we won any games this month without doing so in dramatic fashion? Overtime here, shootout there, three-goal comeback in Pittsburgh, and I know I’m probably missing a few more thrillers. Can we please win one going away, just once? Okay, more than once…but let’s at least start with once and work our way up. I’m sure I’m not the only fan in the Phone Booth who would love to see the Cardiac Caps take a vacation, and the Cruising Caps take over for a game or two.
  • We have yet to lose in regulation at home this year. We lost one game in a shootout, and won the other 4. Of ten home points this month, we’ve taken 9. 90% of available points at home would mean 70-some-odd points if we kept that up all year, and never MIND road victories. I know it’s early, but that possibility is quite tantalizing, isn’t it? Ah, the joys of a young season!

And that’s going to close the books on October’s games. Over the next few days, I’m going to look back at my October predictions and grade those, then take a look ahead to November.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Alex Ovechkin and his family. I know we miss having him in the lineup, but hockey players are human, too. I lost my father to cancer last year, and I didn’t get the phone call in time: I got there too late. The last time I ever saw Dad, I had just left it at “so long.” In a way, that’s true: I know I will see Dad again one day. Still, I grieved for a time at not being able to say “I love you, Dad,” one last time. This may or may not be Ovechkin’s grandfather’s time: that’s not something I can know. Along with the entire Capitals family, I hope and pray that it’s not, but no one lives forever. If this indeed is his time, then let Alex stay in Russia as long as he needs to, so that he may return to the game with no grief or regrets. Don’t hurry back, Alex: take all the time you need.

Whew–now that I’ve typed all that, I can probably go to sleep now. Good night.



1. Capitals Kremlin - October 31, 2008

Here’s to hoping we can pull out a big win on Saturday!!

2. CapitalSpirit - October 31, 2008

It would certainly be nice to put the Sabres in their place, well, in their place, if you follow that in cold text. Get November off on the right foot, get a good road win, all the rest. It being Caps-Sabres, though, it could very easily go either way.

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