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Maryland Drivers, You’re On the Clock October 17, 2008

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NHL Auctions now has the auctions up for Capitals license plates. (UPDATE: Link removed, as auctions have now closed.–CS) If you live in Maryland–and only Maryland–I encourage you to put a bid in, as proceeds benefit Washington Capitals Charities. And if I can’t bid on 94 myself–no wheels, alas–then at least let others bid on it. If you’re a fan of my words, and the “good” numbers are all taken, take a shot at 94 for me. Please? Heck, if it’s legal, I’ll even offer to sign the 94 if the winner’s interested.

Auctions close next Sunday, the 26th. Good luck and good bidding!



Plenty of bids for a lot of expected numbers, and plenty of money is being raised for Caps Charities. Still, no bids on Jose Theodore’s #60?! That’s a bit of a shame. Welcome to Washington, where fans will bid on #68 (68? JAGR?!!!), but not on #60. That’s a bit depressing.

#94 is also unbid as I type this, and that’s not unexpected. Still, my offer to autograph the #94 tags if the winner so requests–assuming that’s legal–still stands.

Get bidding, readers!–CS
Auctions have now closed, so I’m going to delete the link to the auction site. #60 got no bids, which is a bummer–I would have liked to see SOME love for the new netminder. Amazingly, somebody did end up bidding on #94. I’m not sure who it was, and I doubt it was because of me, but an offer is an offer. If the winner of the #94 wants me to sign it, I will. Just let me know.–CS



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