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Monthly Predictions for the Caps–October ’08 October 10, 2008

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This is going to be a bit shorter than usual, because I have to get dressed and scamper down to Springfield for the viewing party. So pardon the lack of fluff, but this is going to be as succinct as I can make it on deadline.

Deck: Tarot of the Angels (Scarabeo)
Question: “How will the Washington Capitals do during the month of October?”

First impression: It looks like October is going to be “just a notch in the gunbelt,” so to speak. It’s not like what I have here is predicting disaster: the cards seem to be going “Yeah, whatever.” There’s also only one Water card on the entire layout, which indicates a lack of emotional involvement. This certainly isn’t gloom-and-doom by any stretch: the worst I can say here is that it just looks dispassionate and kind of flat. There’s nothing bad per se here, but there’s also not a lot of wonderful news here, either. Hang on a second–my phone’s going off. (a few minutes later) It was the Elmer’s factory, and they’re ready for their horse. Onwards…

Basis: Knave of Pentacles. If this is a player, they’re very young: less than two years in the bigs, and possibly even in Hershey right now. Style of play is very physical. But my impression on this wasn’t of a person–it’s that this is the beginning (Knave, lowest court card) of a journey to richness. I’d like to be able to extrapolate eight months in the future from this one card and guarantee the Caps a Stanley Cup, but that’s too optimistic. The journey of the season that we’re about to get started on will be a very physical one, but it will also be a very rewarding one. If this Knave had been reversed, I would have had much worse to say, but he’s face-up, so this is a good place to be to kick the season off.

Crossing: Ace of Chalices. This is the only Water card in the reading. Water represents emotion, and the Ace represents pure emotion. There are several ways to read a crossing card: obstacle in the way, something that sounds good but isn’t…those don’t work. One other way to read a Crossing card–and I think that for this card, it’s the correct one–is to see it as the road you’re on. So if the Basis is where you are, the Crossing represents the “feeling” of the road ahead. It’s not necessarily an outcome: there can be roads of success that end in ruin, and, for lack of a better way of putting it, hard and narrow ways that lead to salvation. So I think that this may be an emotional journey this month, but really, will anyone care about it? Keep reading, and you’ll see why I’m asking.

Distant Past: 3 of Swords Reversed. VERY interesting. When I did the full-season predictions last month, this exact card came up as the Outcome. Now, all of a sudden, here it is, showing up in the Distant Past. Two ways I can read this, and I’m going to offer both impressions and see what everyone thinks. Impression Number One: The easy impression–that this is an acknowledgement of our heartbreaking loss at the end of last season, and that it’s now time to put that to bed once and for all and get started on the new journey. Blah, blah, blah. Impression Number Two: The intriguing impression–that changes have taken place since the last reading, and the heartbreak I predicted last month may have already been avoided by a change of course in the present. Hmm!! Not quite sure what to make of this one, actually.

Recent Past: The Lovers (Element: Air) Aww, ain’t love grand? For a hockey team, however, this is a different kind of love. Here, I’m getting the words “press clippings” springing to mind, and I’m going to run with that. Put simply, there’s been a lot of love being shown to the Caps this preseason (at least, by the scribes who actually know what the heck they’re talking about–Mike Milbury doesn’t count here.) Several hockey outlets have picked us to be a Stanley Cup contender–heady stuff for a team that was practically holding open tryouts just three short years ago. But the message here is, put that love behind you. Forget the preseason accolades, because they mean nothing now. That love is already past-tense: now it’s time to earn that love all over again.

Hang on one second, before I read the next card: Might that Ace of Chalices be referring to the Stanley Cup? So Knave of Pentacles crossed by Ace of Chalices–might that perhaps be beginning of a rewarding journey that leads towards the Stanley Cup? This doesn’t look quite so “whatever” now that I’m typing it out!

General Direction: 7 of Swords. And here’s where I got that “Yeah, whatever” impression. While 7 represents wisdom, and Swords represent the mind, the 7 of Swords isn’t quite as pleasant as all that. The 7 of Swords is a cautionary card. It basically says, Be careful in the face of opposition. You can win, but you have to win SMART. Don’t get too fancy (I’m talking to you, Alexander Semin) and try to pull off some dipsy-don’t that ends up costing you a goal at the other end. Don’t get cute: play smart, and you’ll do just fine. The overall “mood” of the 7 of Swords is one of indifference, which is where I got that “yeah, whatever” feeling.

Immediate Future: Queen of Pentacles. If this is a player, it’s a more experienced player with a very physical aspect to their game. Not very flashy and maybe not the smartest guy in the room, but passionate about their game. More likely, if the Basis is the beginning of a journey, the Queen would represent a lot of progress on that journey. So we may end up winning more than we lose, but I’m still getting the impression that the emotion’s not quite there yet. In a way, that’s fine: you can’t exactly run on playoff-level emotions all year, or you’d be a basket case by Christmas. Still, the lack of emotional indicators worries me a bit.

Querant: 4 of Pentacles. Lots of Pentacles to go around this month, and this is a good one to turn up. 4 represents stability and security, and Pentacles represent the physical world. So where the Caps are right now is a place of material security–good health, good ticket sales, lots of merch making registers jingle, and all that. Here again, the message is one of “don’t get cute.” With the 7 of Swords, that’s because getting cute could backfire. With the 4 of Pentacles, don’t get cute because there’s really no NEED to. Just play your game, and let the wins come.

Outside Influences: The Wheel (Element: Fire) Also known as the Wheel of Fortune, no relation to the TV game show. This represents good luck coming from outside, so spin the wheel, roll the dice, take a chance. That does not mean get cute: it means to take that less-than-perfect shot, go for that impossible save, and maybe, just maybe, try for a shorty or two if you’re a man down. Not with reckless abandon, because the Wheel has a way of turning, and good luck can very quickly go sour. Still, if this were a craps table, right now, the dice would be red-hot. Step up and play, guys. Step up and play.

Hopes and Fears: 2 of Pentacles reversed. That’s not good. Subconsciously, there may be some guys in the room who are believing the press clippings. Hmm. 2 represents balance, so, reversed, what’s at work here is material imbalance, or the fear of it. Perhaps there are a couple of players who are worried about early injuries, which would be understandable. But I think the message here is, don’t be afraid of that: just go out there and play. Don’t let your fears keep your material state off-balance. Let your hopes go free, and perhaps that can set this card right again.

Outcome: 3 of Wands reversed. The 3 of Wands is about virtue, dreams, and reality. Reversed, the message is one of not trying too hard to attain something out of reach. And I think that’s as good a final message as any for the preceding nine cards. You can’t win the Cup in October, guys. And chances are, you’re going to lose a game or two before the month is up. But don’t let that throw you. You do have it within you to win it all. Just play your game the way you’ve been taught, don’t try to do more than you can, and don’t get discouraged if things don’t go perfectly all month. You don’t have to be more than you are: just being the Washington Capitals is good enough.

Distribution: 4 Earth, 3 Air, 2 Fire, 1 Water, 2 Majors. A little short on emotion and a little long on sensing, but otherwise, not terribly out of whack. Enough Majors to indicate some destiny here, but a lot of free will is still in play.

Final thoughts: This doesn’t look like it’s going to be a bad month by any means, but it also doesn’t exactly look like the Caps will be tearing up the pea patch. A good, solid effort, it seems, and I feel confident that I can predict more wins than losses, but that’s about all I can say. It should be a solid first few weeks of the regular campaign: not bad, but not world-beating. Overall, looks like a productive month at the rink.



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