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A Few Random Thoughts re the Past Few Days October 4, 2008

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First off: Loved the game last night. 5-1 over the Flyers, and a rollicking crowd for a preseason game. There were a couple of Flyers fans in 417 who caught me at one of the intermissions, and asked (very politely, I might add) what the point of all the gear was. I gave them a quick run-through of the light show, and also gave them a card for this very blog. There was another guy in a Preds jersey who poked his head in at the same time, too. If those Flyers fans are reading this: thanks for coming out, thanks for being good sports, and thanks for giving me more respect than some of my fellow Caps fans.

Come again?

Yup, it’s true. Toward the end of the first, someone in Row D turned around and told me to shut up. OK, fine, up I’ll shut, but how come you’re not saying anything when my seatmate is still carrying on? I have no choice but to take that as a personal slight. When I’m getting more genuine interest in my routine from Flyers fans, I know it’s not my night.

Consolation: whoever slapped the muzzle on the Spirit would probably never fit in at a more rowdy arena (Rangers, Sabres, Habs, Wings, etc.). I was so ticked off when I got home last night that I briefly toyed around with the idea of showing up in civvies for tomorrow’s preseason finale. Nor have I yet ruled that out–that decision is still on the table. Evidently, there are some who think there’s such a thing as too much Spirit. It’s a shame, but what can you do?

Meanwhile, at the Meet the Team party the other night, I came very close to losing my medallion to some negative G’s on the Superman coaster (natch). I hung onto it for dear life in the final corkscrews, and came through with my outfit intact. Never uttered a peep on the thing–can you tell I’ve ridden way too many roller coasters in my life?

Disconcerting moment of the night: being asked by some younger fans to add my autograph to a couple of shirts which were already festooned with the players’ autographs. I’m not going to complain about that, at all–I do carry a Sharpie to games, after all–but I’m still not quite sure why some fans think I’m worthy of signing among the players. I repeat, that’s not a complaint in the slightest. But I am just one fan in the nosebleeds. I’m not quite sure how I ended up being more than that, but I do accept it, and will continue to try to merit the esteem. (I’d love to understand it, though!)

Chuckler of the night: finding out Donald Brashear doesn’t do movie quotes. At least, not from Youngblood. I asked him, completely in jest, if he’d ever had to use the line “Wanna go, pretty boy?” during an actual game. I don’t think he liked the question, judging by his reaction. Dumb question in hindsight, admittedly: it’s probably not appropos in the heavyweight division.

Memo to Donald Brashear, if this ever finds its way back to him: Sorry for the impertinence, sir. I was only trying to ask a light-hearted question, and meant no offense by it.

Put Cancer On Ice game is later tonight, and I need to head out the door to get over to Kettler. See you all at the Phone Booth tomorrow, although I have no idea right now what I’ll be wearing.




1. MB - October 6, 2008

Hi – my sister and I saw you last night when you were getting food before the game. We were glad you wore your gear – otherwise we would have never recognized you and said hello. We could see the new lights in action from our seats, they looked awesome. Keep sending positive energy to the Caps!

2. CapitalSpirit - October 6, 2008

Aw, shucks. *blushes* Thanks.

And that General Tso’s was delicious, by the way. But in case you’ve never tried it, eating with hand-mounted rave lights strapped to your wrists is WORK.

Heartbreaker of a loss, but at least that gets the losing bug out of our system for the opener. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi, both here and at the game.–CS

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