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A Couple of Small Items September 19, 2008

Posted by CapitalSpirit in Uncategorized.

Saw this story on the front page of this morning’s Times. Evidently, a majority of Americans believe they have a guardian angel. And while that’s a traditional teaching of the Catholic Church, it’s less so among mainstream Protestants. In the Protestant churches I’ve attended, angels tended to get short shrift. Even on those rare occasions when they were discussed from the pulpit, the idea of a personal guardian was never mentioned. So for a majority of all Americans to have a belief in a personal guardian angel is somewhat of a surprise, even to me. Baylor’s press release about the study is here, and you can download the actual study in PDF format here. Here’s the weird part: the report itself doesn’t mention any questions about angels, even though that was reported in the Times. What am I missing?

Heard about the rookie game yesterday. Wow, 7-0 Capitals? Are our prospects that good, or are the Flyers’ that bad? I’m guessing it may be some part of both. Disappointed to have missed it, certainly, but I’ve got bills to pay.

I will not be at Training Camp tomorrow: something’s come up, and I’m going to be elsewhere. I do plan on being there en grande tenue on Sunday, however.

Don’t be terribly surprised if you don’t see much from me between now and the preseason opener. I am not going to have much free time for the better part of a week after tonight.




1. Den Relojo - November 2, 2008

It’s quite amusing that more than a fraction of Americans believe in guardian angels. I am utterly dubious about their existence. I mean, we’re already on the 21st century.So isn’t it just the right time that we establish empirical evidence first before believing into something. On a more optimistic side though, it is certainly comforting to realize that a two-winged creature is right there on your side, acting like you personal body guard. An ego-booster for the those who remain child at heart…

2. CapitalSpirit - November 2, 2008

You could say that this may, in fact, be the 21st century, but some ideas just won’t die. But I think it’s a little more complicated than that.

For starters, if it’s not a true belief, than a majority of Americans would then be, by definition, delusional. That’s an awfully heavy-handed charge to make.

Secondly, I would submit that some have come to this belief from personal experience. Google “angel encounters” and you get over 9,000 hits. I just clicked on an early one, and found 80 separate stories. That’s a lot of people, with a lot of stories to tell. Most people who share their stories don’t share them with every site they can find, and some will only share it once. I know, because I have.

I don’t think the world is as mechanical and soulless as some would portray it. I have my reasons, just as those who advance that notion have theirs. But like the songwriter once said, I don’t care what they say, I won’t stay in a world without love. And really, if the world is as cold, mechanical, and heartless as all that, then what the heck is the point of our existence?

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