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Full-Season Predictions for ’08-’09: Outcome September 13, 2008

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I’d quote T.S. Eliot to start this post–I did, in fact, and then dumped it–because this is an Outcome I do not like to see. I’ve said before, and I’ll say again, that this ending is a couple of Minor Arcana cards, and so it can be changed. This isn’t the kind of outcome I want to read about as a fan, and it’s not the sort of ending I want to write about as a reader, but it is what I see, and I have a duty to explain what I’m getting. I’ve also said before, and I’ll also say again, that I want to be wrong here. I hope our season’s course is changed, so that what ends up happening isn’t what I see here. The cards in this position are the 8 of Chalices and the 3 of Swords reversed.

The 8 of Chalices is a “turning-point” type of card. It speaks to leaving an old way behind, to set off for a new future. There’s a sense of excitement and sadness at the same time with this card: some sadness at leaving the old, but excitement about the new things to be had. Still, that newness does come at the expense of leaving everything behind. It’s like the song “Airships” by VNV Nation: I’m leaving ground, I’m stepping into a new world, leaving everything. That’s, in essence, the general meaning of the 8 of Chalices: stepping into a new world, leaving everything.

The other card here is the 3 of Swords reversed. That’s a card of sadness, confusion, loss, and sorrow, and can also indicate (here we go again) health problems. It’s not a happy card, and it’s one I really don’t like to see as an outcome, because it would seem to indicate that even though we’re heading for new things, that there will be a lot of sadness at the end of the journey.

I would not be surprised to see the following happen this coming season: the Caps start out as well as predicted, then hit a rough patch of injuries and losses that makes everyone question if they had the chops to begin with. Despite all that, they persevere, overcome, and find their way into the playoffs. They make a feel-good run into a very late round, and then lose in a heartbreaking way that ends up hanging over Washington for all of next summer.

Folks, no one would be happier than me to be one hundred percent dead wrong on that one. If we win the Stanley Cup this year, I’ll celebrate right alongside all of you, and I will never have been so happy to be so completely wrong. Ever. In my life. But this is what I see. I don’t like seeing it, and I don’t like having to spend hours and hours typing it all up. This has been a hideously complex project, and I wish I could have written a happy ending to all of this and said, Hey, enjoy the run, it’s destiny, we’ve already won. We haven’t. Right now, the outcome does not look good.

The silver lining is that it is changeable, and free will can alter the outcome. And, as a Caps fan, I really, really hope it does.

Nine Major Arcana cards is a very big number. It’s almost double what you’d expect to see in a 20-card reading. So there’s a lot of destiny in here that might be awfully hard to avoid.

Normal distribution is 5-5-5-5. Earth is extremely under-represented, which may indicate trouble with finances or (yet again) physical health. Lack of Earth energy points to a lack of physical resources, be they physical health or money, while the over-representation of Fire may be an indication of an over-abundance of spiritual energy. There’s a lack of grounding here. It is OK to feel, to sense, to be in the here and now. If there is a long skid, being in the here and now may not be pleasant, but it is needed.

A few final thoughts:

FOR MY FELLOW CAPS FANS: Yeah, I know, this isn’t what you wanted to read. Trust me, it’s not what I wanted to read, either. But I’ve been wrong before, so this is by no means the end of the matter. I hope you’ll join me at Verizon Center, win or lose, and support our Caps from warm-ups to the end of the game (and that means INCLUDING SHOOTOUTS!!!) Let’s rock the red until the building shakes, and do everything in our power to support our team. It’s going to be a long season: I don’t want to miss a minute, and I hope you don’t, either. See you all at Kettler for rookie camp tomorrow morning.

FOR THE TEAM: Don’t even think about that new banner in the rafters. It’s pretty, but it’s also over and done with. Don’t think about the future: it will get here soon enough. Focus on this moment, right now, and give your best at this moment, and this one, and this one. You don’t know how long you have, in hockey or in life. So skate every shift like it’s your very last one, leave nothing on that ice, and enjoy this moment while you have it.

You guys may or may not be a team of destiny this year. But that shouldn’t stop you from playing your hearts out, every time you put a skate on the ice. I’ll be at Verizon Center every night you’re there, to offer my support, win or lose. I hope, above all, that you can prove me wrong, and skate off the ice in June having won your very last game. Best of luck, Capitals, and may God and His angels watch over you all.



1. Reader - September 15, 2008

My spin: We’ve already left the old behind. It’s a completely new year, one in which the team is expected to contend. The pain will be the tyranny of expectations and, likely, ultimate failure … failure due to the fact that this is still a finesse team that lacks net-crashing, grinding forwards and stay-at-home defensemen, a team that lacks sufficient depth, sufficient old-time-hockey fundamentals, sufficient … earth.

2. CapitalSpirit - September 15, 2008

That’s another way of seeing it, perhaps: I’m not an expert reader, and seeing such a disappointing outcome wasn’t exactly the highlight of my season preparations.

But these cards, while in a very “final” position, are still Minor Arcana, and a lot can change between now and April. This is the way things looked back on Labor Day weekend, when I dealt this up–the energies in play could very easily change in the next six months.

I’d love to be wrong on forecasting gloom and doom, so if I end up a mile off base here, I’d actually be quite happy.

Thanks for your interpretation: for all the work I did on this, the discussions have been somewhat lacking.–CS

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