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Full-Season Predictions for ’08-’09: Outside Influences September 11, 2008

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As I wrote at the end of yesterday’s entry, sometimes your fate is not entirely in your own hands. Today, we’ll look at the Outside Influences position and see what that says about the Capitals’ chances in the upcoming season. The cards here are Justice reversed and 7 of Wands reversed.

We just can’t get a break from the refs, can we? Justice reversed indicates injustice and bias, and since this is an outside card, the quick and easy way to interpret that is that the refs are going to be out to get the Caps, as usual, this year. Hands offa that donut, don’t you know, and where have you gone, Jim Schoenfeld?

Justice reversed can also refer to legal troubles and negotiations that don’t quite work out. I can’t give any specifics on that–all I have here is an impression, I don’t have newsreel footage streaming in my head from some celestial TomorrowTube. So there may be some outside legal concerns that end up influencing the season.

The other card is the 7 of Wands reversed. The energy there is indecision, retreat, of giving up when it’s that close. Now, this is outside energy, so this may very subtly be referring to the fans. I said a couple of days ago that we may end up on a season-questioning skid at some point in the campaign. Given that, and given this card, I really want to be wrong when I predict the following: some fans may fall away before this season is over.

I know that sounds impossible right now, and again, I want desperately to be wrong about that. But on Opening Night, the red will be rocking like nobody’s business. If we do go on a skid, will the red still be rocking during premium games, or will our house be StubHubbed and eBayed into the enemy’s den?

I can’t get away from this: I see health problems affecting the Caps, I see losses in bunches, and I see fans deserting the team. Wins and losses are beyond our influence; how we respond as fans is up to us.

One thing I’ll predict with certainty: by the time this is done on Saturday, you’ll be sick of seeing me write how much I want to be wrong. But not tomorrow: tomorrow’s actually good news. See you then.


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