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Full-Season Predictions for ’08-’09: Team September 10, 2008

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Here’s where we start to look at the more spiritual side of the question of how the Caps will do this year. The first position at the base of the staff shows the general state of the team as things stand right now. Fortunately, the news is good, if not exactly stellar. The cards here are Temperance and 6 of Swords reversed.

Temperance is one card I like to see. In the Major Arcana, Temperance (#14) is an oasis of calm that breaks up the “scary” cards that run from The Hanged Man at 12 to The Tower at 16. Death is at 13, The Devil is 15, and nobody likes to see those kinds of cards come out in a reading. Everyone faces challenges in life, and that’s what those particular cards represent. (In order: The Hanged Man, wait and see; Death, endings; The Devil, temptation; The Tower, the unexpected.) That’s a very, very bad oversimplification, but it’s enough to get me off this tangent and back to talking about Temperance.

Temperance, if I were to put it in hockey terms, is about teamwork and success as a team. Temperance represents harmony and balance. And that’s part of where the team stands right now: in a harmonious, balanced state, ready to take on all comers. Great news, right? Well, hang on a minute.

That 6 of Swords reversed complicates the picture a bit. Face-up, the 6 of Swords represents, knowledge, and progress towards a goal. Reversed, it’s still a card of progress–just not as much. It’s not a length-of-the-ice shot into an empty net: it’s more like a two-on-one breakaway with the goalie still in. You can score that way, it’s just not as easy as it is when the net’s empty (duh). That’s what happens when the 6 of Swords is reversed: you’ll still get a shot, it just won’t be a gimme.

So, how do those two cards work together? Put simply, the team is on the same page and committed to progress. It’s just that the progress won’t be as plain sailing as perhaps some of us would like it to be.

Now, sometimes, how you do in hockey is not entirely in your own hands. Sometimes, there are outside factors which will influence your success. What those outside factors are, and how they may influence the season, is what I’ll be discussing tomorrow.



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