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Full-Season Predictions for ’08-’09: Immediate Future September 9, 2008

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In the Immediate Future position, we take a look at what may happen sooner rather than later. I’m very strongly feeling the word “preseason” as I focus on these two cards, and I’m going to go with that. So, no harm, no foul on these two: they won’t change the season standings. Or will they? A good camp and a good preseason can set you up for out-the-gate success in the regular campaign, and wins in October are just as important as wins in March. That said, let’s consider the two cards in the immediate future: 7 of Chalices reversed and Queen of Wands reversed.

Remember how, last Friday, for the Crossing card, we had a Fire-Water setup with Strength and The Moon? We’re getting the same high-energy mix here, only in the Minor Arcana. And instead of both cards being face-up, both of these cards are reversed. So if we look at these two cards just based on their elements, it could be an interesting preseason, and I mean that in the Chinese sense.

The 7 of Chalices reversed, what of that one? This card can refer to having too many choices, and perhaps illusions of success. But when reversed, it can refer to false hopes and an actual fear of success. That’s not a bad thing to have in the preseason, on the one hand. Being too good in September may result in a nasty surprise in October. Of course, a bad preseason isn’t something to actually strive for–just ask the Redskins a couple of seasons ago. Still, there’s no need, I think, to be afraid to succeed right away. Knock ’em dead, and carry the momentum into the regular campaign. Why not? I know teams use the preseason to evaluate the youngsters, and that will happen one way or the other. Still, it’s better to have too many options on the roster (upright 7 of Chalices) than it is to be afraid of having all those choices (reversed).

Now, what kind of person is the Queen of Wands reversed? She’s not someone you’d like to know: bitter, domineering, envious, overbearing, and shall I contine with this? Now, I’ve never seen the movie or read the book “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, but I’ve heard of Nurse Ratched, and that’s what I’m sensing. Come here, Wikipedia…okay. Wow. That’s her, pretty much. So if this refers to a person, that person could make things even more interesting over the next couple of weeks. If this isn’t a person, and instead refers to a more powerful energy, it would be fire-type energy, and it would be a little too powerful for its own good. It could refer to–not control of the team’s spiritual energy, but more like micromanagement.

Now, both of those are Minor Arcana cards, and can be avoided with a change in course. Will that happen? Doubt it.

Next up, we’ll start looking at the less-visible side of the house. The next position will show what’s surrounding the team as a whole. The news gets better tomorrow, so I hope to see you back here then.



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