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Full-Season Predictions for ’08-’09: General Direction September 8, 2008

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Man, oh man, oh man, do I ever hate Mondays. And I hate them even more when I have to start your work week on a down note. But look on the bright side: rookie camp starts in less than a week.

This position deals with the general direction of the question (in this case, how will the season go for the Caps). This is not the final outcome of the season–only the general direction that it’s going to go. The final outcome–which I’ll reveal Saturday–is actually less unpleasant than what I’m about to discuss in this position. The kicker is that these two cards are Majors, while the final outcome cards are both Minors. That tells me that even though our general direction is pretty much set, that where we’ll eventually end up is still open to free will.

No tarot reading sets the future. What a reading is, is the way things are generally going at the time of the question. Even when there are a lot of Major Arcana cards in a reading, what you do with that information is up to you: you still have free will. So even though I’m about to give a reading on two cards that are not exactly what I want to write–or which Caps fans want to read–I will say three things in my defense. One, I’ve been wrong before, and I’d love to be wrong here. Two, changing your present can change your future: if you don’t like what I’m seeing here, change course. Three and last: I’m just the messenger, please don’t shoot. Enough with the disclaimers, on to the cards. The cards dealt in the General Direction position are Judgement reversed and The Empress reversed.

Interestingly, Judgement came up as a Basis card a while ago when I was doing the reading for Shaone Morissonn’s arbitration case. That was a good card to have as a Basis, doubly so when it’s face-up. Instead, here, it’s in a predictive position, and it’s reversed. Does that automatically make it a “bad” card?

Most tarot instructors will tell you that there are no bad cards–just different stages to the human journey. Some are less pleasant than others, but none are inherently “bad.”

But seeing Judgement reversed in this position still isn’t something I wanted to see when I dealt this out. Why not?

Judgement has to do with a final settling of accounts, and rebirth. It also has spiritual overtones, and can indicate the overall spiritual nature of a certain position. Some sources also relate this card to matters of physical health. When that energy is reversed, it’s not exactly pretty. Accounts are settled against your favor; spiritual concerns are ignored; renewal doesn’t happen; and health problems crop up. If that’s true, we may have an injury-plagued season if we’re not careful. I know nobody takes anything I’m writing in these things seriously, but I hope and pray that the players don’t do anything stupid on or off the ice that could result in injury. And there’s another reason I say that, but that will have to wait until Saturday for me to discuss it, as it involves distribution of suits.

The Empress reversed isn’t much better. The Empress represents feminine energy at its most pure. She’s also the “mom” card in the deck. When reversed, she indicates lack of confidence and creativity, as well as woman trouble. I’m not exactly ready to sign off on the idea that a team with Alex Ovechkin on it will be lacking for creativity. Confidence? Only in the event of a long skid, which I find hard to believe given the way this team played last year. I’m really not sure what to make of this card, other than to say that if this shows a lack of confidence, that we may see a season-questioning skid at some point this year.

Again, I really hope I’m wrong with all of that, but those are the impressions I’m getting from those particular cards.

Fortunately, the immediate future is a couple of Minor Arcana cards, so they can be changed. And when I tell you what they are, you’ll be glad to know that. Why is that? You’ll just have to come back tomorrow to find out.



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