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Full-Season Predictions For ’08-’09: Recent Past September 7, 2008

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The fourth position of a Celtic Cover spread speaks to the recent past. For hockey purposes, I’m going to assume that this refers to the offseason which is now rapidly winding down. I said yesterday that the cards here were both Major Arcana cards, and that usually means that the message is significant. What are we to take, then, from these cards: The Lovers reversed and The Stars?

The Lovers may be one of the more famous cards in the entire deck–it even played no small part in a joke in a James Bond movie (Live and Let Die, if you really want to know). And when it’s face-up, it’s pretty hard to dislike. Love is in the air, and as I’m typing this, I’m getting a ridiculously strong impression of the song “Zip A Dee Doo Dah” from Song of the South. Here’s a link, for those of you who want the whole thing. Wonderful feeling, wonderful day, and ain’t love grand?

But here’s the problem. Here, The Lovers are reversed. That generally tends to mean relationships ending. There are other cards that deal with relationships–the 2 of Chalices is one that springs immediately to mind–so I don’t think that The Lovers is exactly talking about Matt Cooke heading to the Penguins. I usually am reluctant to name names, but here, it seems obvious: this is almost certainly a reference to Olie Kolzig’s departure. He was the Capitals for over half the team’s existence, and over half his own lifetime, and now, that relationship is over. That this is an issue that will be affecting the whole season could mean several things. Our new goaltender, Jose Theodore, may end up being a very large part of our overall success or failure–that’s one possibility. Or, perhaps Olie’s performance for the Bolts ends up being a major part of how they do this year. A lot of possibilities here, and I wish I could say with certainty which one is correct. What’s hard to miss is that this energy is forecast to last all year, so Olie’s departure is something that may come back to haunt the Caps this year. I really hope I’m wrong here.

The other card is more pleasant: The Stars, face-up. Hope springs eternal for this team, judging by how often it comes up in readings. This offseason has given the fans a lot of optimism, and a lot of hope, for the season ahead. Most of the players we needed to keep are coming back. This offseason has been almost stultifyingly boring, because the front office took care of business in such short order that there was almost no intrigue to be had. When the biggest offseason drama involved one of our players putting their house on the market, you know it’s been a blissfully slow summer. So we’ve had all summer to hope for better things to come in the upcoming season.

Taken together, the message of these two cards seems to be that even though we have ended a relationship wtih someone very important to this team, that we still have hope for the season ahead.

And speaking of the season ahead, tomorrow is when we’ll get to start looking at the energies surrounding the upcoming campaign. Ready for another double dose of Major Arcana cards? Two Majors in the General Direction position may mean that the direction we’re going is very important, and may, perhaps, be one of destiny. Whether that’s a good destiny or a bad one is something you’re going to have to come back tomorrow to find out.



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