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Full-Season Predictions for ’08-’09: Distant Past September 6, 2008

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(For those who were expecting this earlier, all due apologies. I was having some techie problems with my PC that have been fixed.–CS)

Previous card: Crossing

In this position, we look at what issues from the distant past are affecting the question as it stands now. I’m going to read the Distant Past as referring to last season. Tomorrow, when I discuss the Recent Past, I’ll take that position as a read on the offseason. So, what are we to make of last season, when its lessons are embodied by the 9 of Chalices reversed and the Knight of Chalices?

To begin with, this is a double-dose of Water cards, which is a good reflection of the emotional run we had last year. Water represents emotion, which is something I’ve written so much that regular readers of this blog could probably tell you themselves by now. So for this to be two Water cards only reinforces what those of us who lived through last year could tell you: it was an emotional run, and I think we’re all sad it had to end so suddenly. And that kind of ties in with one of the cards.

The 9 of Chalices is sometimes referred to by Tarot junkies as the “wish card”–make a wish, it comes true. Well, this 9 of Chalices is reversed. And it’s plain that the wish didn’t come true for the Caps last year, as we saw our hopes and wishes dashed in the first round of the playoffs. Now, this isn’t a 5 of Chalices–a more unpleasant card–so the sense here isn’t of emotional loss, just wishes that didn’t come true. There is a distinction there, but it’s one that I’m sure would likely end up with a ridiculous paragraphs-to-interested-readers ratio, so I’m not going there.

As to the Knight of Chalices, this is probably the one court card I most relate to. The Knight of Chalices lets his emotions lead him on his journey, no matter how far from home it takes him. He’s a bit of a hopeless romantic, and a very intense person, but he’s also very tender with those he loves. This card can also represent an emotional journey in progress, which may indicate that there’s more emotion yet to be in the upcoming season.

So it seems that the overall message of this position is this: the important thing to remember about last season, was that it was an emotional journey of wishes that didn’t come true.

But what’s there to say about this recent offseason? Evidently, there was much more happening on the subtler levels than even I had thought, because the Recent Past involves two Major Arcana cards. What are they? Well, you’ll just have to come back tomorrow to find that out, won’t you? See you then.



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