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Full-Season Predictions for ’08-’09: Crossing September 5, 2008

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Previous card: Basis

The Crossing card has a lot of different meanings, depending on who you ask. It can mean obstacles getting in your way; it can mean the nature of the way you’re going; or it can perhaps indicate something that seems good but might not be such a good idea to embrace. So, what exactly does all that mean when the Crossing cards for this season are Strength and The Moon?

For one thing, it’s an elemental clash. Strength is a Fire card, and The Moon is a Water card. Fire turns water to steam; water puts fire out. It’s a very volatile combination to have working against you. (This combination of Fire and Water is something we will see again later in the reading, by the way.) It’s explosive; it can be destructive; but it can also be put to very good use. If you convert water into steam, you can harness it: you can turn it into motion, which can do everything from moving a ship to generating electricity. So a Fire-Water combination in the Crossing position could potentially spell very big trouble; but it could also spell very great opportunity.

As to the cards themselves, what’s there to say about Strength? The scene on the card is of an angel silencing a lion. If you need a Biblical comparison, think Daniel in the lions’ den (Reference: Daniel ch 6). Daniel had been set up by his political enemies, who were trying to use his faith as grounds to have him taken out of the picture. But when he was thrown to the lions–which would have meant almost certain death–he came out unscratched after God sent an angel to keep the lions’ mouths shut. That’s what Strength is all about: facing trials, even possibly deadly ones, and receiving God’s assistance to help you stand through them.

Now, what of The Moon? This is one card I don’t much like to see, and that goes triple as a Crossing card. The Moon is a card of uncertainty: things aren’t what they appear to be. Face-up, it doesn’t indicate outright deception, just a very strong look-before-you-leap type of energy. Question for those of you in the DC area: if you had to walk ten blocks from a Metro station to your home, would you rather walk at 1 PM, under the light of the sun; or 1 AM, under the light of the moon? (See why I don’t particularly like this card?) So now, put that in the Crossing position, and look what it means: that one of the obstacles getting in our way this season will be that things aren’t going to be what they appear to be.

So what does all that mean put together? That we will have the strength to face the illusions, or that our strength is itself illusory? I wish I could give a definitive answer to that question before the season started, but alas, I can’t.

The good news is that the rest of it isn’t wall-to-wall bad. Apologies if I’ve ruined your Friday, but there’s better news to come.

But before we look forward, we have to look back at how we got here. Are there any issues from the past that are going to influence our season? There always are, and we’ll take a look at the distant past tomorrow.

And if Tropical Storm Hanna knocks out my electricity over the weekend, I will bring all posts up to date once I’m back online.



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