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Full-Season Predictions for ’08-’09: Basis September 4, 2008

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The Basis position, at the center of the cross, reveals the general atmosphere surrounding the question. So, since the question is, “Including the playoffs, what does the upcoming season hold for the Washington Capitals?”, the two cards in this position will reflect the general mood or feeling of the question. The two cards dealt as the Basis are the 10 of Wands and the King of Wands.

Wands represent spiritual energy, fire, sun, light, warmth. And right now, there is plenty of all that going around. Just look out your window, those of you in DC. Astronomically, it’s still summer until the equinox, even though Labor Day was earlier this week. Also, the 10 and the King both represent the conclusion of a journey of Spirit: the 10 through the numbers, and the King through the court cards. Put them together in the same position, and they seem to signify that we’re beginning our season with the end of a spiritual journey. It’s been a long, difficult summer, and these two cards together seem to say that we stand, right now, at the end of a road. Perhaps, also, that we have been purified in Spirit by what we’ve gone through this summer, and are now ready to begin a new journey, a new, anew.

(I know that last part looks awkward, but it the impression I received.)

There’s a bit of an oppressive energy to the 10 of Wands–that card is one that has an energy of too much of a good thing. So, it’s been a long, hot summer…but where are we going from here? And what obstacles could be getting in our way?

Obstacles are the domain of the Crossing card, and that is what we’ll discuss tomorrow.



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