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Full-Season Predictions for the Washington Capitals for 2008-2009: Prologue September 3, 2008

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Well, it’s that time of year, and I decided I’d do a Celtic Cover reading for the upcoming season. A Celtic Cover is similar to a Celtic Cross, except that you deal two cards to each position, not one. So you get more detailed information–provided you can get a good sense of what two different cards mean together. As I mentioned, today is only going to be a general overview, with some initial comments and a couple of teasers thrown in. The cards have been blessed and dealt, and are now sitting on the table next to me, waiting to be read. So let me get started.

First thing that jumped out at me while I was dealing was, wow, that’s a lot of Major Arcana cards that are coming out. How many, you wonder? 9 out of a possible 20 cards. That is VERY unusual. Normal distribution would see about five or six Major Arcana cards total. And while I do have six positions with Majors in them, three different positions are doubled up in the Major Arcana, which adds emphasis to those respective positions. Distribution of elements is also remarkably unbalanced, but that is something I’ll explain when all cards are known to everyone. Surprisingly, only one of the nine Major Arcana cards on the board is a challenging card when it’s face-up, as it is here. But there are a lot of good-news cards that are reversed. Not that that means bad news per se; it just means that the news is mixed, not straight-up good. Distribution of elements on the staff is in a pattern, but I’ll explain that at the end. And even though the impressions I’m getting don’t really jump out and scream “Stanley Cup! Guaranteed!”, there are a couple of indications that what I have here isn’t exactly the final answer to the question.

In one sense, that’s a bit disappointing. I would have loved to run this reading, see The World and the 10 of Chalices as the Outcome, and guarantee you all that the Caps would win the Cup. Real life isn’t quite as pat as all that, which I’m being reminded of quite plainly as I look at the entirety of the spread. So, no–I can’t guarantee, before the rookies officially hit the ice, that this is Our Year, or that the Caps are a Team of Destiny, or any of that sort of thing. But strangely, the cards aren’t guaranteeing we WON’T win, either. The Outcome is a couple of Minor Arcana cards, which indicate that there’s still a lot left to be decided by free will. What’s strange is that the General Direction position is a couple of Majors, which tend to indicate destiny. So we’re headed in a destined direction, but where we finally end up is still a free-will choice.

Are you curious yet?

Tomorrow, we’ll look at the first position–Basis.



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