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Full-Season Predictions: A Sneak Peek August 27, 2008

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Well, summer is rapidly winding down, and this weekend is the unofficial end of it. Hockey season is getting closer and closer.

At some point this weekend, I will sit down and complete the full-season predictions for the Caps. But you won’t get to read the results this weekend. Why not? Because I am going to post the results a little differently than the monthly readings I did last year (and will do again this year). I won’t be posting the whole kit-caboodle all at once: that would be way too much to read in one sitting. Here’s what I intend to do, schedule permitting: On September 3rd, which is one week from tonight, I will post a Prologue. That will be a very short, very generic overview of the results, which will (I hope) only reveal enough to keep you coming back for the rest of the reading. I will then post the results one position at a time, starting on September 4th, and concluding on the 13th. So on the 13th, you’ll read my ultimate prediction for the final outcome of the season; then on the 14th, Rookie Camp starts, and the new NHL season will be all but upon us.

Now, let me say one thing before I even start doing all that. There is only one person in the entire world who will have access to the results of the reading before they are posted on here, and that is me. I will be dropping a few hints in the Prologue, and a few more as the reading unfolds, but NO ONE besides me is going to have access the final results until they are live and posted on here. Don’t believe what you hear anywhere else. (As if anyone’s going to be talking about what I predict…dream on, but don’t imagine they’ll all come true!)

If I find something pressing to post here between now and then, I’ll post it; if not, look for the Season Predictions Prologue one week hence.




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