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Cruel Summer August 14, 2008

Posted by CapitalSpirit in Uncategorized.

There’s not a whole lot of hard Caps news to say anything about as of late. Rumors are flying about one of our centers, whose house is apparently on the market. Some boneheaded pundit suggested contracting the NHL, and folding the Capitals in the process. As to the former, I won’t join the speculation, even though it would make the offseason more interesting. As to the latter, such idiocy doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously.

Too late on that, though: Ted evidently though that it deserved a response. Gave it both barrels, too, I might add.

I intend, sometime on or before Labor Day, to do a Celtic Cover reading for the Caps for all of next season. A Celtic Cover is the same layout as the Celtic Cross that regular readers are familiar with, except that you deal two cards to each position. So not only will I have to interpret the cards in their positions, I’ll also have to interpret the cards in each position as they relate to each other. This will be a lot more complex than my regular readings, so don’t expect it on a work day. But with a month to go before rookie camp, I know we’ll need something to kick around other than the players’ domiciles and idiotic opinionmongers.

Monthly readings for the team will resume beginning with October.

And with all due apologies to VNV Nation, never mind Judgement Day–September’s not coming soon enough.




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