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Shaone Morrisonn: The Summer Ahead July 21, 2008

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Well, since it’s been a couple of days since I wrote anything on here, and since the biggest offseason question at the moment is whether or not Shaone Morrisonn will return, and since I need the practice, I’m going to go ahead and take a look at ShaMo’s future.

Deck: Tarot of the Angels (Scarabeo)
Spread: Celtic Cross
Normal distribution: 3-3-2-2, Majors: 2 or 3
Question: “What does the rest of the summer hold for Shaone Morrisonn?”

Initial impressions: Well, it holds a lot of important news, says the two 10’s, four court cards, and four (!) Majors on the board. The court cards are two Knaves and two Queens, but all in different suits. As for the four Majors, I have two Air, one Earth, and one Fire (no Majors in Water, note). Overall distribution is a quirky 4-2-2-2. And the positions of the various suits tend to run thematically. Interesting, interesting, interesting. Let’s take a look at the individual positions.

Card 1: Basis. Judgement. If you’d asked me to guess what card would have been the Basis in this reading before I dealt it out, I probably wouldn’t have said Judgement if you’d given me fifty different guesses. Now, I know ShaMo’s going to arbitration, so why am I surprised that it’s Judgement? Isn’t Judgement something you’d expect to see in an arbitration type of setting? Not really. Legal proceedings are more often represented by Justice (11 in the Majors) than by Judgement (20). Justice is more the energy of legal proceedings and making decisions; Judgement is more about a final settling of accounts at the end of days. Judgement can also symbolize rebirth, and the beginning of a new, different chapter. Justice also has more of a fork-in-the-road, life-goes-on type of energy behind it; Judgement has more of a sense of finality. The image on the card is of Gabriel sounding his trumpet to call the faithful home: this is not just some one-day-one-trial case of jury duty. This is the big Kahuna. Now, it is face-up, so that makes it very good news indeed: a life well-lived, time well-spent, and now a prize to be awarded. This is not a predictive position: it’s the status of the question as it stands right now. So my sense here is that negotiations between both sides are ongoing, and that the general tone of the negotiations is quite complimentary on both sides. It would seem that the Caps are recognizing all of Morrisonn’s contributions from the past few seasons, and are trying to reward him for his service as best they can. This is a very favorable card to have as the basis in an arbitration case. But the rest isn’t quite so straightforward. Read on…

Card 2: Crossing. Knave of Wands. Remember how I said that some of the suits tend to run thematically? Well, with the Knave of Wands crossing Judgement, the center of the cross is all and entirely Fire…and these two cards are the only Fire cards in the spread. Fire is light; it’s heat; it’s warmth; it’s spiritual; it’s sunny; you get the idea. The cards in the cross–the first six cards dealt–represent the more mundane, real-world, visible-to-all parts of the question. And right smack dab in the middle of the cross is a double dose of Fire-Spirit-Light. It’s like this bright, blazing spiritual energy is just glowing from the center of the question, for all the world to see, if that makes any sense in cold print. Now, the Knave of Wands, to be more specific, can mean a spiritual message of some kind; it can mean the start of a spiritual journey; it can also indicate the presence of a young person with a spiritual view on the question. I’m sensing this may refer to a very young family member of Morrisonn’s, and that is the last I will say on this card: more than this is not for me to put to record.

Card 3: Distant Past. 10 of Swords. There’s an eye-opener. This is one of my least favorite cards in the entire Minor Arcana–it’s a very challenging card, and usually indicates very bad news (in the Quest Tarot deck, in fact, the subtitle of the card is “Ruin.”) What manner of past misfortune might this be referring to? My intuition is telling me that there has been some not inconsiderable pressure on Shaone since his arrival in 2004. He’s the known player we dealt Gonchar for, after all, and that’s no small data point. Yes, we got some other draft picks for Gonchar, but Morrisonn is the player we knew we were getting–so there has to be, at least on SOME level, with SOME persons in or around the club, the expectation that Morrisonn could do at least a competent job filling Gonchar’s skates. If that’s a good read, then whether he has or not is also one other factor in play in the ongoing negotiations.

Card 4: Recent Past. Queen of Pentacles, reversed. I believe this is referring to some sort of financial difficulty bearing on this question in the recent past. I think that by inking Fedorov to a four million dollar deal, the Caps may not have left enough wiggle room under the cap to make proper room for Morrisonn. That’s what this seems to indicate to me on first impression, although that might be too simple a read by half. We’ll see.

Card 5: General Direction: 10 of Chalices, reversed. “And they all lived happily ever…whoops, not quite.” That’s the best way I can think to summarize a reversed 10 of Chalices. It’s like the grand celebration that’s not quite ready to start; it’s the oasis in the desert that’s close, but not quite upon you; it’s the full house you flopped that still might lose to quads. Victory is tantalizingly, achingly, cruelly close…but not quite there yet. That’s the general direction this summer is heading for Morrisonn: agonizingly close to getting everything he wanted this summer, but not quite. Now, interestingly, both the top and bottom card of the cross are 10’s, and both are pointing back toward the two fire cards at the center of the cross. Tens represent renewal, rebirth, new beginnings. So might these two new beginnings–one mental, one emotional–both be subtly pointing to a more spiritual understanding in the negotiations? Might the message here be, In order to think and feel anew, one has to see this question through the view of Spirit? It’s an intriguing possibility.

Card 6: Immediate Future. Knave of Swords. And here’s another odd relationship–two of them, actually. First, we have both Knaves right next to each other, one as Crossing, the other as Immediate Future. Also of interest, the 10 of Swords in the Distant Past seems to look quite paradoxical with a Knave of Swords in the Immediate Future. Regarding the two Knaves, they both reflect the energy and enthusiasm of youth. And although a Crossing card cannot be reversed–you read it face-up no matter which way it points–I find it intriguing that the Knave in the Crossing is pointing towards the Knave in the Immediate Future. Youth will be well-served, and a new chapter will begin. Now, as to the two Swords, the Knave may not be able to handle all ten swords on his ownsome lonesome. But he does stand guard before a fort of some kind, where more–and more able–hands will be able to control those ten swords that are showing up in the Distant Past. So a new journey may make a painful past more bearable, if I’m reading that correctly.

Card 7: Querant. The Star, reversed. There’s that Star again! Reversed in this position, it seems to say that the subject seems to be a little bit less than fully hopeful. And there’s another card yet to reveal which tells me things aren’t quite as plain sailing beneath the surface. Shaone is still worried about a couple of things, which may be one reason he hasn’t signed yet. This isn’t an indication of hopelessness, just a non-total optimism. I’m not sure what the hang-up is: could be length of the contract, dollar amount, or perhaps other personnel decisions made so far this summer. Perhaps Morrisonn wasn’t entirely thrilled at seeing Eminger dealt on draft night, and now he’s worrying a bit that he may not fit the long-term plans of the team. I have no indication which of those is closest. But the general impression of “not entirely hopeful” is coming through loud and clear.

Card 8: Outside Influences. The Fool. The Fool is a very “carpe diem” type of energy. It’s like that Dodge commercial: “Grab Life By the Horns.” It’s about starting out in a blaze of newfound glory. This may indicate the fortunes of the Capitals as a whole: new beginnings on what promise to be a fabulous journey next year. And that would make sense for that type of energy to be in play when this question is asked. Can the Capitals contend, make the playoffs, repeat atop the Southeast, make an extended playoff run, or win the whole enchilada with the blueline corps now in place? That is a question that will hang over the proceedings a bit. A new chapter in the history of Capitals Hockey is going to be written this coming season. Does everyone involved think Shaone Morrisonn is an integral part of that history?

Card 9: Subconscious Influences/Hopes and Fears. The Hierophant, reversed. If this card is correct, then what Morrisonn fears the most about these contract negotiations is a radical change in his life. The Hierophant is about tradition, about sticking with what you know because that’s what you know. Reversed in this position, it may indicate that Shaone is worried that what he’s become accustomed to the past few seasons, may be about to change. Will there be any more changes in the defensive lineup? Will Shaone’s ice time be radically different next season from what it’s been the past few seasons? Will he still be paired up with Mike Green? Will Green’s new contract change his style of play? And so on. What The Hierophant, reversed, indicates in this position, is a resistance to change. Mo’s had a very good couple of seasons with the Capitals, and may be worrying throughout these negotiations that some unpleasant changes may be coming down the pike. Based on the Outcome card, though, I think that fear may be ill-founded.

Card 10: Outcome. Queen of Chalices. Another odd match-up: both of the more “predictive” spots on the spread are Chalices–they’re the only two Water cards on the spread, as well. This seems to indicate an emotional investment in the way the summer turns out. Interestingly enough, everything else is intellect, and spirit, and physical energy: it’s only when the future comes up that the emotional overdrive kicks in. With a Queen of Chalices as an outcome, that would indicate an emotionally stable outcome–not really one that’s either too triumphant or too downtrodden. So it seems that all sides will eventually get very close to what they want at the end of the negotiations. I can’t tell if this will or will not be heard at a hearing, but it seems that the eventual outcome will be one that’s generally acceptable to both sides. This is a pleasant enough card to draw as an Outcome, which makes me believe that Morrisonn will eventually re-sign with the Capitals, at a price both sides are OK with.

Distribution of Suits: Air 4, Earth 2, Fire 2, Water 2. What that tells me is that there’s a lot of mental energy being expended here. Shaone may be overthinking this a little. He’s giving this all due thought, and he may be overanalyzing it a little bit, but at the very least, all the other suits are in balance and about where they should be.

Distribution of Majors (notable): 4 Major Arcana cards here, and that is significant. This particular summer is going to be one of the most important of Shaone’s career, if these four Majors are a good indication. Interestingly, there are four Majors, four court cards, and four Air cards on this spread. That’s a lot of fours. So I think Morrisonn may end up signing a four-year contract before the summer is out.

And as ever, I take my crow medium well.




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