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One Hundred and Twenty-Four Miles June 21, 2008

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That’s the distance from Washington, DC, to Philadelphia. Barring any traffic weirdness, you can drive it in under three hours. A one-way Amtrak ticket from Union Station in Washington to 30th Street Station in Philadelphia will set you back about $112 if you want to catch the Accela. If you want to get up with the chickens and ride in coach, you can get there on Amtrak for $42. And if you buy a non-refundable one-way ticket on Greyhound, all you need is $25 to leave Washington and go to Philadelphia, one way.

Not that any of those numbers matter: Steve Eminger will probably be driving that at some point in the not-too-distant future.

Eminger was at the open house last week, and now he’s heading up 95 to join our archrivals. It’s a cruel world.

On the one hand, I thought he played very well for us in the playoffs, and I thought that might have earned him a second look. On the other, he only seemed to be an injury replacement, and it would have been just as cruel to keep him in Washington and leave him up in the press box for months on end.

When all is said and done, I’m happy he’ll get a fresh start. The Flyers’ brass were saying some very kind things about Eminger on their website, so perhaps he’ll get a better shake in a Flyers sweater. So while I am a bit sad to see him given his walking papers–particularly after he played his heart out in the playoffs–I hope, for his sake, that he succeeds with the Flyers.

Just not against us, of course.

Godspeed, Steve. Be blessed. Play well. Stay safe. And though my lights will no longer shine for you at Verizon Center, please don’t take that personally. It’s just the nature of this terrible, wonderful game. I wish you the best.



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