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Hang on a minute!…and a few this-n-thats June 1, 2008

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Was I off by a round on my predictions?

It’s starting to feel that way, because the Pens beat my prediction, and have gone on to the Cup Finals. But now they’re running into an absolute buzz saw in the Red Wings. That 5 of Swords as a crossing card looks like it came up one round too early.

The series shifts back to Detroit tomorrow night, where the Red Wings have outscored the Penguins a combined 7-0 in the two games this series has played there. So, barring a meltdown of catastrophic proportions, the Wings should be raising the Stanley Cup tomorrow night.

The question I asked was specific: it asked about the Conference Finals and the Flyers. I got a message of utter defeat for the Penguins, and based on that, called the series for the Flyers. The crow was served well done, alas, and it was gamier than I usually can stand it. But now, here we are in the Cup Finals, and almost everything I predicted for the Conference Finals is happening in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Very, very strange.

I’m going to be participating in a Tarot share in a couple of weeks. On the weekend following, the shop where this is taking place is doing readings for charity, to include the USO. I’m probably going to swing by there next weekend, cards in tow, and see if I can be allowed to participate. If it’s to raise money for the USO, I have to at least ask. It’s five hours on a Saturday, but if I can put my skills as a reader to use for a (very worthy!) cause, I’d love to. More on this next week.

Also this Saturday–it’s going to be a busy day!–I’ll be participating in the Bodog World Series of Poker Seat Giveaway Finals. I won my way in by placing 18th of 410 players. Not sure how many players are going to be playing on Saturday, but the winner goes to the Main Event of the World Series of Poker. It’ll be fun to play, even if, as I expect, I don’t win. To at least be playing for a seat in the most prestigious tournament in the world is an honor as it is.

Also trying to arrange studio time to record the national anthems for the Caps’ consideration. I’m about to look into a different studio, as the one I’m looking at right now isn’t answering the phone.

I’m doing another writing project on the side. I’m going to be coy about exactly what it entails, but readers of this blog may love the result once it’s finished at some point next summer. Wait a minute–is this a book? I hope so. But I have to keep working at it a little bit at a time, so don’t be surprised if this blog slows down a little bit over the summer. I will continue to maintain this site, but the Caps are off for now, so there’s less for me to write about, and I don’t think too many Caps fans are paying attention in any case. Kind of hard for me to spend quality time on WordPress if I’m pretty sure no one’s paying attention, but such are the travails of small-time bloggers like me.

I will be amongst a Caps crowd for the Awards Show next week, likely as not in summer dress (which is everything but the cloak, for those of you who want to know the ins and outs of my dress code). I suspect it will end up being a Capital(s) affair, with Ovechkin taking home the Hart and Pearson, and Coach Boudreau receiving the Jack Adams. Backstrom would surprise me if he won the Calder, but the other two nominees are both from Chicago, and may cancel each other out. We’ll know in less than two weeks.

Meanwhile, Let’s Go Red Wings!



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