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Predictions: Eastern Conference Finals Edition May 6, 2008

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Flyers versus Penguins. Gag me with a goalie stick, folks.

I could care less who wins or loses this series–I don’t know which team I despise more–but it might make for good practice doing predictions in the future. So let’s go for it–Tarot of the Angels, in a Celtic Cross layout. I have to ask the question from the standpoint of one of the teams, since my deck doesn’t exactly have Flyers or Penguins cards.

The question: “How will the Pittsburgh Penguins do in their Eastern Conference Finals series against the Flyers?”

First impression: Wow, three Major Arcana cards on this layout, two of them reversed, and both of those reversals are in the prediction spots. If the Penguins do in fact lose, there might not have been anything they could have done about it, if this layout is correct. So this could be very good news indeed for those of you who want to see Sid the Kid get bounced. But it’s really sucky news for those of you who don’t want to see the Flyers win a conference championship after needing a ticky-tack call against us in overtime in Game 7 to even get that far. But on to the cards…

Card 1: Basis. King of Wands. The King of Wands is a leader in spirit, someone who’s been around the block several times and who has the wrinkles to prove it. My intuition says this represents Crosby, even though he’s only in his third year and ought to rank no higher than a Knight. But since he wears the C–and since as he goes, so tend to go the Pens–I have to rank him as a King, because the team really is all about Crosby. That’s what the King of Wands represents: the spiritual leader of any enterprise, and that has got to be Sidney Crosby. What this card tells me in this position is that the Penguins are where they are because of Sidney Crosby. Well, duh…except that the story doesn’t end there.

Card 2: Crossing. 5 of Swords. Ouch! The 5 of Swords is NOT a fun card. 5’s in general are challenging to deal with, but the 5 of Swords is probably the meanest 5 in the deck, and that’s saying something. It’s not The Tower, but as far as the Minor Arcana goes, this is one of the most challenging cards of the whole 56. The 5 of Swords is about one thing: Defeat. So the path the Pens are on, and the obstacle getting in their way, is one of defeat. Unless they make some changes in what they plan to do, they won’t win this series. And even WITH changes, they may not have much hope, as there are some reversed Majors elsewhere on the layout (as usual, no skipping ahead, please.) This is not a good card for the Penguins to have drawn here: you can’t reverse a Crossing card, so this is an energy of defeat that they’re going to have to face, like it or not.

Card 3: Distant Past. 6 of Chalices, reversed. In general, Sixes represent helping energy, and Chalices represent emotions. So, think emotional help, turned back on itself. Think emotional drainage from the distant past, which is still affecting the Penguins. I’ve had my hands full following the Caps, so I can’t really say for sure what this refers to, but it’s a situation in the past where the Penguins were getting some kind of emotional help, only to see that help go bad. It’s kind of a long-ago…e…mo…tion…al…drain…on the Pens that’s going to come into play in the Conference Finals. I’m not going to look anything up, but the energy represented by this card is some kind of emotional parasite, some kind of monkey on their backs, that’s still nagging the Penguins.

Card 4: Recent Past. 3 of Chalices. Wow, when it rains, it pours, doesn’t it? The 3 of Chalices in this position represents some kind of emotional pick-up in the team’s recent past. Beating the Rangers that handily might be what this is referring to, but I could be wrong. Unfortunately for the Penguins, the fun’s over. The emotional left they got in their most recent series is about to go away–that’s what happens to cards in this position. If this is a bad news card, it’s good-bye and good riddance, but this is a good news card. So even though the Pens are going to try to keep their emotions up against their cross-state rivals, the Flyers evidently have other ideas. And judging by the full layout, the fun may be over for the summer for the black and gold.

Card 5: General Direction. The Chariot, reversed. I’m beginning to think these cards hate the Penguins more than I do! When face-up, The Chariot is all about being master of your domain. You’re in command of where you want to go, and the horses pulling your chariot respond to your every command. Now, flip that situation on its head, and you understand why I think these cards don’t exactly like the Pens that much. The Chariot, reversed, speaks to being out of control, of not having any say in where you’re going. The horses pulling the chariot now have other ideas of their own, and where they go is out of your hands. Essentially, the Penguins have no control over where this series ends up. Their captain (Card 1) is being blocked by energies of defeat (Card 2), they’re carrying around emotional dead weight from the past (Card 3), and the fun emotions they had in the Rangers series are on their way out (Card 4). Put simply, they are losing control of their season, at least on a subtle, subconscious level. And even that is not the end of the bad news. Read on.

Card 6: Immediate Future. Knight of Pentacles, reversed. A Knight of Pentacles, in hockey terms, generally refers to either a youngish player with a very physical game, or the team’s designated enforcer, no matter how long he’s been in service. My intuition on this one says this refers to Georges Laraque, and you have to use your intuition when you read Tarot. So, Laraque, reversed, what then? He may end up having an off series, and may be looking at missing a game due to injury or suspension if he’s not careful. Now, this is an immediate future card, so something like that would happen in the first, I’m going to say, three games, maybe even two. Laraque needs to be careful for the next couple of games: that’s what this card is telling me in this position.

Card 7: Querant. The Emperor. The Emperor is a very “Dad” energy in the Major Arcana. Face-up in the Querant position, he’s good news, as he represents a very kind and loving fatherly person (or energy) surrounding the question, as well as the person (or organization) the question is about. So right now, the Penguins have “Dad” looking out for them. So, who’s their daddy? (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) Management, alumni, it’s kind of hard to say here. For lack of a better way to put it, there is a lot of father-like energy surrounding the Pens right now. I want to say this is a reference to Mario Lemieux, but I’m not quite sure how he plays into this. The message here is that the Pens have the full support of their elders, but more than that, I’m having trouble coming up with.

Card 8: Outside Influences. Ace of Pentacles, reversed. And the hits just keep on coming! Face up, the Ace of Pentacles represents physical or material abundance; reversed, it indicates a lack of something physical or material. Or, perhaps, material possessions or physical health being taken away from the outside. Based on this, I would look for the Flyers to be throwing around cheap shots with the intent to injure, whether they want to admit it or not. If I had to guess, based on the Knight of Pentacles a couple of cards ago, I’d say that one of the Flyers might throw a cheap shot, and Laraque may be lost for a game or two as a result of what happens when he tries to play cop on the beat. I could be totally misreading this, however.

Card 9: Hopes and Fears. Queen of Pentacles. This is something I’d have to scan the card to explain, but I’m not doing that for copyright reasons. Basically, the scene on this card is of the Queen calmly sitting on a stone throne in a field of flowers, holding her coin with both hands. Meanwhile, above her, angels and demons are in a swordfight. Putting it all together and placing it in position, what this tells me is that the Penguins are subconsciously going to try their darndest to hang on to their resources, despite a very real conflict going on behind the scenes. Maybe they’re aware of the conflict; maybe they aren’t. But they can’t just sit there forever and try to hang on to what they’re losing (consider the 3 of Chalices in the Recent Past.) Sooner or later, the unseen conflict will become visible. At that point, it may be difficult, if not impossible, to hang on to what they think should rightfully be theirs. They think the Flyers are in the Conference Finals because of some very lucky officiating. And they’re right about that, too. But they take the Flyers lightly at their own peril. If they’re not careful, they could end up jumping on I-76 in an 0-2 hole.

Outcome: The Wheel, reversed. For lack of a better description, The Wheel, when reversed, means just plain bad luck. For it to be showing up as an Outcome card means that this series may end up going the Flyers’ way based on a couple of pinged posts, ticky-tack calls from the officials, softies they let in…there are any number of hard-luck scenarios to be had in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and when the Outcome of the series is this card, it may very well mean that this series will be decided on just a bad-luck break. Sometimes, despite all the planning and practice, Dame Fortune decides to take a hike, and her daughter Miss Fortune comes a-calling. That looks like it’s going to be the final result of the series: just a couple of pieces of bad luck, and that’s the end of the season for the Pens.

Final Thoughts: If the Penguins do indeed lose this series, there may not have been much they could have done to save themselves. With two Major Arcana cards turned against them–and both of those in predictive positions, no less–this series may end up completely outside the Penguins’ control. Throw in the 5 of Swords as a crossing card, and it doesn’t look good at all for the boys from Steeltown. I don’t want to see the Flyers go to the Stanley Cup Finals any more than the next Caps fan, but somebody’s got to lose this series, and based on everything I see here, that losing team is going to be the Penguins.

PREDICTION: Flyers take the series at home in Game 6.

I’ll take my crow medium-well.



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