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Penguins Behaving Badly, And Other Matters May 1, 2008

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I know I’m late arriving to this little shinding, but come on…the captain of the Baby Pens getting arrested for STREAKING?! What is hockey coming to?! That C on your sweater doesn’t mean clothing-optional! Sheesh!

But at least that answers the question about what kind of penguin the Baby Pens are. They must be Emperor penguins, since they seem to prefer having no clothes.

Meanwhile, I know why the DC Madam hanged herself: she was depressed at the very idea of an all-Pennsyltucky conference final.

Meanwhile, how ’bout the weather in the District today–cold, windy, and wet. It was almost like March had been recalled. Made me miss the Caps a little bit more. 😦

Meanwhile, the honors keep coming for our players: Alzner for WHL Player of the Year, Coach Boudreau is getting an official Jack Adams look, and Ovechkin has been nominated for the Pearson. Not sure what Coach Boudreau is going to say during his acceptance speech–the award is his to lose, I think–but I’m sure it will be inspiring. As for Ovechkin, he had better be ready for his close-up: the night will be all his. Look sharp, Alex: the entire world will be watching.

And let’s not forget Backstrom’s Calder nomination. I’d call him a dark horse for this one, since he didn’t lead the league in rookie scoring. On the other hand, Toews and Kane could end up cancelling each other out. We’ll see. He has a shot, but I think it’s an outside one. I’d like to be wrong.

Unrelated note: Libera has a new CD out called “New Dawn.” It includes their arrangement of “Love and Mercy,” which they sang at the Kennedy Center Honors last year, and which moved several members of the audience to tears. Can’t recommend it enough–it’s an absolutely heavenly sound.




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