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Why I Refuse to Predict Game Seven April 22, 2008

Posted by CapitalSpirit in Uncategorized.

Before anyone asks, no, I’m not doing any predictions for Game 7.

The Caps haven’t had too many Game 7’s in their history, and the last one they had in the District was in, what, 1992? So these don’t happen too often. To that end, I want to enjoy this moment, experience the Now, and be just as surprised as everyone else at the outcome tonight.

I said that the series would be hard-fought, but that the Capitals could win after they got used to the whole Playoff Hockey Thing. I said the Caps would win Game 6–and four unanswered goals proved me right. I said before the season even started that we’d make the second round of the playoffs. I saw in the cards that the Caps would win the series, although my five-game guess was a bit optimistic. I see no reason to disBelieve now.

I don’t need to draw a 10 of Chalices to tell me what I already know in my heart: this game is right there for the Caps to take. And I will be there to see it unfold, live and in person. It will be a privilege and an honor for me to watch over a thrilling Game 7 victory tonight.

This is our night, Caps fans. Now, more than any moment this season, is our time to Believe.



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