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Hope This Doesn’t End Up Jinxing the Caps April 20, 2008

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According to Ted Leonsis, there will be no more lower-level warm-ups for us 400-level riffraff. I understand the motivation for that; I agree to some extent with Ted’s reasoning; and if it’s really turning into that big a safety issue, then I will defer to that.

It’s not like I have a choice in the matter. It’s his team, and I’m just a fan in the nosebleeds, so it’s not like I matter that much. I genuinely prefer the view upstairs: I’ve seen games from the lower level, and I honestly would rather be upstairs where I can see the entire rink. No matter: I, along with all my fellow upper-level cheapskates, am no longer welcome downstairs during warm-ups.

Very well.

I will give my customary pregame welcome to the Caps from my assigned seat in Section 417. For the record, I’m a very long way from thrilled with that decision. And I REALLY hope it doesn’t end up jinxing the team in Game 7. The joke is that I’m not superstitious because being superstitious is bad luck. Further, I’m not crazy enough to think the players notice or care about what’s going on outside the glass during warm-ups. Nevertheless, if any of the players really HAD been noticing my welcome/blessing–and never mind actually taking any measure of inspiration from it–I hope they don’t miss it too much on Tuesday night.




1. OldChelsea (The Six-Pack) - April 20, 2008

Hopefully he sticks to his word and does it just for the playoffs, then next season lets everyone down there as before. (I’ve never watched the pre-match skate from the lower bowl, due to an incident two years ago with a couple of power-tripping stewards in the 100’s who wouldn’t let me in despite an E-mail from Caps Guest Services saying the pre-match skate was indeed open to all.

I agree with the rest of your piece here though – I’m 400-level hoipolloi of seven years’ standing too – like the Millwall supporters say, NO ONE LIKES US!

2. CapitalSpirit - April 20, 2008

Welcome to Capital Spirit, OC. Hope to see you around here more often. I also hope you don’t have to eat TOO many DC United tickets between now and June…

And while I can see, to some extent, where Ted’s coming from on this, it still feels like a slap in the face. I myself have been to every Caps home game this year, cheering on this team even in those lean times back in October and November. And now, oh, sorry, you’re on the 400 level, you don’t matter anymore.

The 400 level is the fans’ level. And while there are a good number of genuine individual fans who have regular seats down on the 100 level, there are also a good number of organizational seats down there, as well–something you don’t see on the 400 level. And the pre-game skate used to be that magical, democratic time when everyone, even fans in the Q row on the 400 level, could come downstairs and spend a few moments near the glass. No longer. Now, the casual fans, the not-as-rich fans, and even some dedicated fans who genuintely prefer the upper-level vantage point, are being declared unworthy.

Remind me again under what rock NBC scrounged up its hockey talent?–CS

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