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Another mention in the Post April 7, 2008

Posted by CapitalSpirit in Uncategorized.

This time, in their sports blog. Here is the link, complete with photo.

Far as blessing the team goes: The quote from me is accurate, but I need to go into a little more depth than space would have permitted. I do intend it as something of a blessing: symbolically, it represents bringing the Light down to ice level, to shine upon and, well, okay, bless the players. However, I’m pretty sure that not all the players would be entirely comfortable with matters of Spirit when they’re warming up. So if they want to see it as just one crazy fan saying hi, that’s fine by me. If they want to see it as a blessing, that’s even better. And if the light show helps inspire them to play their best, and win, then that would make it all worthwhile.




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