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From Doormats to Contenders…to Division Champions April 6, 2008

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Well, now that the regular season is officially over and done with, I feel I can safely make a confession. And that’s this: I wasn’t sure the Caps could complete their miracle in-season turnaround. Since the NHL expanded to 30 teams, no team has ever gone from that far down the standings to even get INTO the playoffs. And never MIND winning their division outright.

When Bruce Boudreau was brought in on Thanksgiving, I think most of us would have settled for respectability over the balance of the season. I still believed that the team could make it into the playoffs, and maybe even win their first-round matchup.

But a division championship? Not even I saw that one coming when Bruce got hired. Respectability, absolutely; playoffs, probably. But come on–we were 14 points behind the Hurricanes at that point. Any playoff berth is a good one: just ask the 2006 Oilers. So 7th seed, 8th seed? Fine by me, as long as we’re in the postseason.

But “Southeast Division Champion Washington Capitals”? On Thanksgiving, that was a punchline. On New Year’s Day, it was a pipe dream. Tonight, it is our prize. Don’t Stop Believin’, indeed.

Lake Placid this wasn’t–let’s put that comparison to bed before anyone tries to go there. This was just an uplifting conclusion to an inspirational run. Where this team goes from here is anyone’s guess.

Tonight, we celebrate. Tomorrow, our journey begins anew. This is the playoffs. This is what it’s all about.




1. go-0vy - April 6, 2008

This has got to be one of the coolest sights on the internet!!! Since it combines two of the things I love most — the Caps and Tarot!!

I have loved the Caps through the ups and many downs since I was six in 1983.

I can tell that you are a great fan. Thanks for the great site!!

2. CapitalSpirit - April 6, 2008

Thanks for the kind words. Hope to see you at the Phone Booth next week when the Southeast Division Champion Washington Capitals open the playoffs.

And I know I’ve been saying “Believe!” for months, but it still feels weird to type that. Carolina was leading the division for all but 14 days this season, but they’re playing golf and we’re in the playoffs.

Man, do I ever love being a Caps fan!–CS

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