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Predictions for the rest of the regular season March 30, 2008

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OK, before I even shuffle the cards, let’s get one thing straight.  No matter what I predict, the future is changeable.  So if the final card shows gloom and doom, a change in course can avert it.  If the final card shows victory, it still must be earned.  Think of this as a weather forecast of subtle energies, NOT as a guarantee of what is certain to happen.  Whether victory or defeat, no outcome is fixed in place by the turn of the cards.

The reason I say that is because a couple of weeks ago, after that horrible Boston-Pittsburgh double-whammy weekend, someone said that I was putting the whammy on the team by doing these readings.  I’m not.  I’m just using a tool–the Tarot–to look at the subtle energies surrounding the team, and make predictions based on the energies that I see.  If those predictions do in fact come true, that’s only because the subtle energies played out as it appeared that they would.  It’s NOT because I have any influence on those energies one way or the other.  For the sake of comparison, a stock broker may very well have a good idea which stock might move where given certain market conditions.  But there’s a whole world of difference between being able to predict market trends, and trying to deliberately inflence those trends.

So as you read the following predictions for the last three games of the regular season, bear that in mind.  This is merely a prediction of where things might go.  It is not a guarantee, and the results can be changed.

Let’s get to it.

I’m once again using the Tarot of the Angels by Lo Scarabeo for this reading, in a traditional Celtic Cross spread.

FIRST IMPRESSION: There are three Kings on this layout.  Two of them are reversed, and the only reason the third one isn’t is because it’s in a non-reversible position (crossing).  Reversed Kings tend to represent leadership that isn’t quite certain of itself, but more on that in a minute.  Half of the cards on the layout are reversed, which tells me there’s a whole lot of uncertainty going around, and not just in the leadership.  And while that’s completely understandable given how tenuous the playoff picture looks for the Caps, my hope as a fan and supporter of this team is that the team can play the final three games with all the confidence and assurance it can muster.  They’ve come this far; now is not the time to doubt.

Card 1: Basis.  King of Wands, Reversed.  Kings represent leadership; Wands represent fire or spirit.  So what this tells me is that this refers to the spiritual leader of the team.  I’ve said that I was going to avoid naming names, but if leader in spirit isn’t Olie Kolzig, I don’t know who else on the team it could be.  Trouble is, this card is reversed.  I really, really don’t want to write this next part, because it’s going to feel like I’m calling Olie out, and I wouldn’t dare dream of doing that.  So if what I’m about to write finds its way back to Olie himself, then please tell him I’m sorry.  But what a reversal tells me here is that he’s not quite sure where he fits in the Caps’ plans, for both the balance of the season, the playoffs (if we make it) and for seasons to come.  Having seen too many Caps fans ready to give up on him, and now having to wear a baseball cap while Huet backstops the most critical games the Caps have played in years…on a subtle or subconscious level at the very least, he has to be hurting, and wondering where (or if?) he still fits in.  I don’t think he’s ever going to admit it–he’s way too professional for that–but I think he may not be feeling as confident as perhaps he could be.  Call me loyal to a fault if you want, but I still think Godzilla’s still got a lot of good saves left in him, and I believe that if we do make the playoffs, he will still be able to shine.  I really hope I’m reading this incorrectly, but this card in this position tells me that our spiritual leader’s insecurity has a lot to do with where we are as a team right now.  If I’m wrong, then so be it.  I’ll never have been so happy to have gotten a reading so wrong.  I don’t know if Olie still Believes or not, but I hope he knows that there are fans out here who still Believe in him.  And that includes me.  His contract is up this summer, and maybe he’ll be playing for us next year, maybe he won’t.  It would be one of the happiest days of my life if I got to see Olie Kolzig hoist the Stanley Cup in a Capitals uniform.  Maybe it’ll happen; maybe it won’t.  But regardless, I wish Olie nothing but success, wherever life’s journey takes him.

I need to dry my eyes for a minute.  Hang on.




 OK, let’s continue.

Card 2: Crossing.  King of Cups.  Cups represent emotion, so what we have here is emotional leadership.  And since this is face-up, that means that at the very least, the emotional leadership of the team is right there to give support, to both the team as a whole, and to the card the King of Cups is covering–in this case, Kolzig.  I know he hasn’t been in the NHL that long, but right now, the emotional leader of this team has got to be Alex Ovechkin.  Now, granted, if I were going on nothing more than years of NHL experience, Ovechkin would only rank as a Knight.  But if he’s getting serious consideration for the Hart and Pearson trophies, Alex Ovechkin is absolutely no Knight.  He wears an A for a reason, and one of these days, when he knows he’s ready to take on that role, he’s going to be wearing the C.  By his play, Ovechkin has shown himself to be a much better player than his time in the NHL alone would indicate.  Ovechkin ranks as a King, and the emotion he brings to the game makes him more of a Cups player.  So I’m going to name names again, and call this Alex Ovechkin.  He is carrying this team on his back, and he is trying to single-handedly will this team into the promised land.  I’m also getting the sense that, behind the scenes, he’s lending some emotional support to Kolzig.  The takeaway from this card, I believe, is that Ovechkin is going to do absolutely everything in his power these last three games to get us our wins.  That’s reassuring to me, particularly since some of the rest of these cards don’t look quite as certain as I’d like them to.

Card 3: Distant Past.  4 of Cups, Reversed.  I’ve been doing some studying since the last time this one came up.  The number 4 is a number of stability, which sometimes comes off as boredom.  So, reversed, the 4 of Cups represents emotional stability that’s been upset a bit, and boredom that’s been dismissed.  It represents action taken, and moving forward with a new way of doing business.  These last few months certainly haven’t made for boring hockey, and this certainly seems to be an acknowledgement of that.

Card 4: Recent Past.  8 of Pentacles.  The number 8 represents success and mastery, and Pentacles represent earthy concerns: physical, material, and so on.  So the general message of the 8 of Pentacles is one of material success in the recent past.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that that material success is receding, and new energies are coming into play.  I’ll get to what those new energies are in a minute, so don’t skip ahead.  This card in this position is an acknowledgement of success, but it’s also a warning that those energies the Caps have been working with are on their way out.  But strangely enough, that doesn’t exactly mean failure.  Read on.

Card 5: General Direction.  The Devil.  OK, first up, this is NOT an indication of failure, so do not panic.  What The Devil represents is energies of attachment, of obsession, of temptation, of being less than you can be.  Given that some of the other cards on the layout represent uncertainty among the leadership, this card in this position is a warning to all to not surrender to uncertainty, and to play the kind of hockey that has gotten the team this far.  The uncertainty may be causing some to hang back, to doubt, to wonder if it’s possible to get into the playoffs from here.  Gentlemen, it is possible.  But to get there, you’re going to have to face the temptation to be less than you are.  You have 180 minutes of hockey to play, with the season on the line.  If there’s ever been a time this season to leave nothing on the table, this is it.  You’ll actually have more breathing room in the playoffs than you do right now.  Play your absolute best, guys.  Every shift is do or die now.

Card 6: Immediate Future.  Ace of Swords.  Well, if that 8 of Pentacles energy is receding, I can think of nothing better to replace it with than the Ace of Swords.  Aces represent new beginnings, creation, and vitality.  The Ace of Swords tends to represent victory, and with that in the immediate future, we may indeed be heading for a homestand sweep, although I must caution everyone that that’s not guaranteed.  On a subtle level, the energies are in place, right now, for us to be able to run the table in these final three home games.  It’s doable.  We can win out: on a subtle, subconscious level, victory is ours.  We just have to accept it, and play like we want it.  A big, big word of caution, readers, before you get your hopes too high: I’m not going to guarantee, right here, right now, that we’re going to make the playoffs.  There are just too many outside variables in play here.  But with the Ace of Swords in our immediate future, we can definitely take care of our part of the bargain by winning the final three home games.  Victory is there–we just have to reach out and take it.

Card 7: Querant.  10 of Cups, Reversed.  And now I have to come back down to Earth and sound a few cautionary notes.  A quick note on the Celtic Cross layout: the first six cards are dealt in a cross-shaped pattern that gives the layout its name.  That part of the layout represents the earthly, physical side of the question. Cards 7 through 10 are dealt in a vertical line, or staff, that symbolically reaches to heaven.  So these cards represent more of the spiritual nature of the question.  And if the question is, How will the Caps do in their final 3 games, the first part of the layout, if you stopped at that Ace of Swords, would indicate that there’s temptation afoot, but we’re still going to win out.  Right?  Well, yeah, sort of–but then you look at some of the more subtle energies at play in the staff portion of the layout, and it doesn’t quite look like such plain sailing.  For instance, right now, the team is represented symbolically by a reversed 10 of Cups.  On this particular card, the scene on the card is of a dove bringing an olive branch to Noah on the ark, with a rainbow in the sky, underneath of which are the ten cups.  So, face-up, it’s a very happily-ever-after kind of card.  But it’s reversed, which indicates that the happy ending isn’t quite there just yet.  I think what the message is here is that this team wants to celebrate a successful season, but they can’t do it quite yet.  There’s still too much going on right now to celebrate, and if this last week goes amiss, they’ll be heading for the links.  This is telling me–as if all the reversed court cards weren’t enough–that there is still some doubt in the locker room.  It bears repeating that I hope that doubt can be vanquished.  As we’ve seen, victory is attainable with an Ace of Swords in the teams’s immediate future.  But it’s not going to happen if the team doubts, or gives in to the temptation to play like less than the players they are.  It all fits together.

Card 8: Outside Influences.  2 of Swords.  The number 2 represents balance and duality.  So what that translates to is mental balance, and possibly being of two minds.  This is an OUTSIDE influence, remember.  I know the past few weeks we’ve seen a lot of teams ahead of us that just flat-out refuse to lose, and that keep staying ahead of us in the standings no matter how much we win.  The 2 of Swords tends to indicate a truce, or sometimes stagnation.  Maybe this is foolish hope on my part that’s making me think this, maybe not, but here goes.  Some of the teams ahead of us may stumble this week, which might–and I heavily stress, might–be enough for us to sneak into the playoffs. 

Card 9: Hopes and Fears.  King of Pentacles, reversed.  Kings represent leadership, and Pentacles represent earthly, physical, material concerns.  My intuition is saying Donald Brashear: he’s been around the NHL for a very long time, he’s paid to be physical, and he’s worn an A for us this season.  He’s got 49 games of NHL playoff experience, the last time in ’05-’06.  I have a hard time believing that of all players, the Donald is worried about our playoff chances, but hold that thought for a second.  Maybe he’s not worried about making the playoffs per se as he is about his role in the playoffs.  Playoff hockey is a whole other animal from the regular season, and if I’m reading this right, Brash is probably thinking his number is going to get called to fix someone a knuckle sandwich when they take a cheap shot at one of our skill players.  Just a hunch.  If that’s true, then Donald may think we’re as good as in.  So, surprisingly, this reversed King may actually be good news.  Tarot is funny like that sometimes.

Card 10: Outcome.  Knave of Wands, reversed.  I was hoping I wouldn’t get a court card for the outcome, because I still have a very hard time reading those.  And I REALLY don’t like getting reversed court cards.  The Knave of Wands, when reversed, usually brings bad news, or warnings.  So even though we may in fact have success in our immediate future–look back at that Ace of Swords–the Knave of Wands is sounding a warning that things may get a bit more complicated after that.  Now, the nature of the Knave’s news can be turned, but that will take a change in direction.  If I take this and the Ace of Swords together, I get the sense that while we may indeed win out for the regular season, there may yet be bad news to come.  I’m not sure if that’s other teams staying ahead of us, or perhaps a nasty first-round draw, but the Knave of Wands here is saying, at his most succinct, “Be careful.”  There may be success in the immediate future, but this card is saying that there may be other, less pleasant, possibilities yet to come.

So right now, you’re probably wondering, OK, so…are we making the playoffs, or aren’t we?  The subtle energies we need to win our last three games are in place, and if any team can win at home, it’s the Caps.  We have yet to win five in a row this year, and Tuesday night would certainly be the perfect time for us to get rid of that particular monkey.  From there, it’s the Bolts and Kittens, and we just got done beating those two teams in their own barns.  On a subtle level, it is possible for us to go 3-for-3 to close out the season.  But there are still teams ahead of us who show no sign so far of slowing down.  The 2 of Swords tells me that they just might slow down, but I can’t guarantee that.  If the question is, Can the Caps make the playoffs, then the answer is Absolutely.  Dum spiro, spero.  If what I see holds true, then they’re probably going to make it.  But a lot can happen in the final week of the regular season, and that can throw some of the energy I see off-kilter.

And right now, you’re probably thinking, Just give us a yes or a no, dagnabbit.  All right.  So, will the Caps make the playoffs?  My answer is, PROBABLY.  I can’t say Yes for certain, because what’s on this layout still shows doubt.  If the subconscious-level doubts can be vanquished, then there may be no stopping this team from winning the last three games at home.  BUT!!  They still need help from other teams coming down the stretch.  Their fate is not entirely in their own hands.  With that in consideration, I cannot in ANY way guarantee any specific outcome.

Overall, it looks generally good, but this is not a ringing endorsement of certain victory.  The Caps are going to have to work to earn these three games.  If they do, they should make it in.  It’s not a certainty, but they should.

If my schedule holds, I’ll take a look at the March results tomorrow night.





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