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A Catastrophic Weekend March 9, 2008

Posted by CapitalSpirit in Uncategorized.

So much for that Bruce Almighty streak.

 Two close losses on two consecutive days, and just like that, our season is in doubt.

But make no mistake: I shall continue to support this team down the stretch, win or lose.  There are six more home dates after today, and I will still be there for every single one of them.  I’d like to encourage all Caps fans to do the same.

This season is very much still in play: we can make the playoffs yet, even if we have to sneak in.  And lest anyone think that being a #8 is an instant loss, don’t forget what the Oilers did a couple of seasons ago.  They went from the #8 seed to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, and contended in that game until the very end.  So ANYONE can win in the playoffs.  You just have to get there.

But our prospects for that have dimmed considerably over the weekend.

Whether or not the Caps make it in, I am still proud of this team and all it has accomplished this year.  This team clawed all the way back from the NHL cellar into playoff contention, and may still make it in yet. 

Some of the more vocal fans will be screaming for blood should the Caps fail to qualify for the postseason.  That’s a little strong.  On Thanksgiving, we were in the NHL cellar, and our season was in shambles.  For us to even be contenders in March is a moral victory at the very least.  And if Coach Boudreau gets to come back next season, he’ll be starting with a clean slate instead of a team in the abyss.

I’m not pulling back from my prediction of making the playoffs and winning the first round.  I still think this team can do it.  But if I’m wrong, I’m wrong.  Playoffs or not, the Caps should feel proud of what they’ve done this year.  And better times are certainly ahead.

This has been a hard weekend.  But I’m still proud to be a Caps fan.




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