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An Open Letter to Chris Mincher March 6, 2008

Posted by CapitalSpirit in Uncategorized.

Here is what all the fuss is about.  I’m number 17 on his list.)

Mr. Mincher:

 I’m going to extend to you a courtesy which you did not extend to me: I’m actually going to take you seriously.  Not, I should add, that I initially thought you deserved it.  Either you were assigned to come out and be as disparaging as possible–which would be despicable–or you had no interest in this story to begin with, and chose to rip most of us apart for your own amusement–which would be contemptible.  I normally would not glorify such vapid reportage, but as you have linked to my blog while in the midst of trying to rip me personally, I have a responsibility to correct the record.

To begin with, you state by implication that you believe I have no life.  In truth, I do: I’m an active supporter of the Washington Capitals, in person and online.  I’ve been to every single home game so far this year, and I joined four busloads of Caps fans in Raleigh last month to cheer on the Caps.  If 41 home games a year, with more to come in the playoffs, plus the odd road game, a practice or two here and there, the occasional viewing party, and a couple of community events is your idea of me not having a life, then pray tell, Mr. Mincher, what do you consider to be a life?  And, for the record, the Capitals are not the only activity to which I lend my time and energy.

To me, it is an honor and a privilege to be a Capitals full-season ticket holder, and to actively support this team with my time and money.  Alexander Ovechkin is a once-in-a-generation hockey player who has committed to thirteen more years here in the District.  Olie Kolzig is the longest-tenured goaltender in Capitals history; he is also one of the 25 winningest netminders in NHL history.  Nicklas Backstrom is making a very strong case for being the best rookie in the NHL this year, and if he and Ovechkin stay in Washington long-term, there is no telling how high this team will soar.  Mike Green may get serious consideration this year for being one of the best defensemen in the league.

Meanwhile, off the ice, the Washington Capitals organization has given its support to numerous worthy causes, including pediatric cancer research; Christmas meals for the underprivileged; book drives; blood drives; canned food drives, and more.  Individually, no fewer than half a dozen current Capitals support the Garth Brooks Teammates For Kids Foundation, which in turn supports various children’s charities.  Alex Ovechkin and Olie Kolzig both buy season tickets, and donate the seats to charity.  The Capitals, individually and as a team, are doing their part to help the needy in the Washington area.  Pray tell, Mr. Mincher, what exactly is the Express doing to give back to the DC community?

That is part of why I am proud to be a season ticket holder for the Capitals, and why I support this team both on and off the ice.  Even if that means participating in prima facie quirky events, and putting up with the resultant slings and arrows of small-minded bit-stained wretches such as yourself.

And despite the link you gave me, you evidently still misunderstood why I wear my cloak.  When worn as part of my hockey outfit, it represents service to the team, and my commitment to be there, night in and night out, to cheer the Capitals on to victory.  Pray tell, Mr. Mincher, do you have that kind of dedication to something in your life?  If so, what?

I will grant you, in fairness, that my singing wasn’t the best, even by my own admission.  I’m still fighting a cold even as I type this, so my voice wasn’t quite all it could have been Tuesday night.  There were a lot of singers there Tuesday night who gave their best, and who I’m sure are not happy that they’re being picked apart, even anonymously, in the Express.  Pray tell, Mr. Mincher, if the shoe were on the other foot, and you were reading about yourself what you wrote about some of the singers at Anthem Idol, how would you feel?

If you would like to make a good-faith response here, you are more than welcome to do so.  I will keep my responses civil: I’m done with the smore makers for now.  I realize that most of the above does come across as a bit forceful, but I have no hard feelings.  I know as well how hard it is to feed this online 24-hour beast, so you and I at least have that much in common.  However, I take extreme umbrage at your referring to me as a clown.

Chris, there’s a lot behind that cloak: a lot of symbolism, a lot of dedication, and a lot of Capital Spirit.  It’s not something I wear on a lark.  Mock me all you want, sir, but behind that goofy-looking exterior, there’s a serious fan with serious dedication to a very worthy hockey team.

Your good-faith reply is welcome in this space.




1. CapitalSpirit - September 14, 2010

Received the following comment on 9/14/2010. Not going to approve it so as to avoid embarrassing its author.

“To begin with, you state by implication that you believe I have no life. In truth, I do:”



My response: Telling me that I need a life, by trolling the comment section of a quarter-decade-old post, is so ironic that it’s a punch line in search of a joke. Contemptible, too, but ironic just the same.

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