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February Results March 1, 2008

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Well, now that February is officially on the books, let’s see how I did.  March’s predictions are already up, and you can take a look at those if you like.  For now, let’s take a look at February and see how I did.

Card 1: Basis, Ten of Cups.  I said that the general atmosphere surrounding the team at the time was one of success, and that this card was an acknowledgement of that.  Kind of a flat way to start the reading–no way I could really have gotten that sort of thing wrong–so I’m not going to call that one of my better reads.  This is one that’s kind of, yeah, good read, but so what?

Card 2: Crossing, The Tower.  I said that that portended some serious challenges ahead for the Caps, and I think I got that right, unfortunately.  We lost more games than we won: several in extra time, but a loss is a loss.  Defeat still tastes the same, even if it’s accompanied by a point in the standings.  Now, because of the way standings points are awarded for overtime losses, in terms of points percentage, we can say we finished above .500 for the month, or that we had a winning month.  Let’s not kid ourselves: points or no points, we still lost more games than we won.  Heck, I had to make a Journey reference in one of my titles–and get pilloried for it on the boards–because it seemed as though some fans were poised to give up on the team as recently as last week.  If I do say so myself, I got this one right.

Card 3: Distant Past, Son of Stones, reversed.  I read this as a bit of a hat tip to the departed Brian Sutherby, whose February in Anaheim wasn’t all that spectacular.  We’re talking one assist, three fights, and a defensive -1 for the month.  Distant past, indeed.  What I missed in this was the trade that we ended up making: we ended up trading the pick we got from the Ducks to the Habs in exchange for–I’m still shocked at this one–Cristobal Huet.  So that Sutherby deal did end up affecting how our February turned out: it wasn’t just an acknowledgement of the past, but how the past would influence the outcome of the month.  That was subtle, and I totally missed that.  I had the player right, but I wasn’t aware of the implications of the trade, or how it would play out before the end of the month.  Call this one half-right: right player, but I missed some of the more subtle stuff.

Card 4: Recent Past, Ace of Wands.  I read this as more of a warning, that the passion the team played with in January was on the way out.  Meh–there were a couple of stinkers in there (that game in Raleigh last week comes immediately to mind.)  But I think that the team did realize–probably internally, as I doubt my predictions are taken seriously by the team–that it was time to kick it up a notch in February.  (And feel free to bop me one for making an Emeril reference.)  So the warning was heeded, even though I doubt it was read right here.  Good read, I think.

Card 5: General Direction, Daughter of Stones, reversed.  As Schultz goes, so go the Caps, was how I read that one.  How’d I do?  Well, Schultz missed two games, and we got all of one point in the two games he was out.  He was injured in the Islanders game, and we lost that one in overtime.  Schultz was a defensive minus only twice in February, but guess what?  Both of his minus games were Caps losses.  Now, this wasn’t perfect: he was +1 on the 15th in Florida, a game we ended up losing by two goals.  But this is interesting: every game in which Schultz took a shot, the Caps ended up winning.  He had two assists in two games, both Caps victories.  Hm.  I’m going to call this a good read, as I only see one real exception (his plus game in Florida) jumping out at me.  Every other game, when he was a defensive plus, took a shot, or had an assist, we won; when he was a minus, was injured, or did not play, we lost.  There’s only one exception to that in thirteen games.  One.  This was a good, if not perfect, read.

Card 6: Immediate Future, Mother of Cups.  BAD read.  REALLY bad.  Clark is still out a month later, and still on the mend.  This was a case of me wanting to read something in that wasn’t there.  I wanted to see Clark back in the lineup so bad that I took this card to be a sign of his impending return.  Understandable given the position of this card, but still not a correct read.  Note to self: no more wishful thinking on your readings.  I’ve done readings for other people, and almost all of them have said that everything I said was right on the money.  The reason, I think, is because I had nothing invested in the outcome, and had no reason to read something that wasn’t there.  But as a fan of the Caps, I have to be cautious going forward, and try not to let my fandom get in the way of reading what’s actually there.  And I also have to do a LOT better reading court cards.  Those are still giving me trouble.

Card 7: Querant, Five of Stones.  Man, do I not like Fives.  I took this to be an acknowledgement of the team’s physical state (i.e., injuries), and it looks like that’s still in play.  I also said that it was a challenge to persevere, which the team has in fact done.  Again, I doubt anyone with any say in the team takes any of these readings seriously, so this was probably addressed internally.  That’s fine, as long as it was attended to.  February wasn’t great, but we’re still in the hunt as March dawns.  So the team did persevere through the injuries, as any good team should.  Good read.

Card 8: Outside Influence, Seven of Wands.  Well, the crowds are certainly getting bigger and noisier at the Phone Booth, that’s for sure.  I’m still not thrilled that people got up and left for the shootout at the Islanders game last week, but overall, the crowd has started to come around.  It’s still not as noisy as I’d like for as sustained as I’d like–it can still get way too quiet in Verizon Center sometimes, depressingly enough–but at the very least, we’re getting fannies in the seats, most of whom are cheering for the home team.  We’re kind-of doing our part, even if we’re not as spirited as I’d like us to be.  Average read.

Card 9, Hopes and Fears, Son of Swords.  I read this as a reference to Steve Eminger, and I don’t have a lot of results to work with here: they only dressed him for 5 games, four of them Caps victories.  And we only won six games the whole month.  So, let me get this straight: 5 games Eminger played, we were 4-1-0; 8 games he was out, we were 2-3-3.  Is that a pattern there, or is it just me?  I said that the hopes and fears of Eminger may end up influencing how we do in February, and I’m going to call that a good read.  We got more points in the standings in the 5 games he played than the 8 he was out.  It’s not fair to hang the whole month on one or two players, but I really wish they’d played Eminger a bit more than they did.  And I know I’m in the minority on that one.  Still, the results speak for themselves: we got 80% of available points with Eminger in the lineup, and 43.75% of available points with him out.  I repeat: is that a pattern there, or is it just me?  Good read, if I do say so myself.

Card 10, Outcome, Ace of Swords.  I said that this card signalled a way to out-think the bad news, and said Coach Boudreau could do that.  I wasn’t thinking of George McPhee, but man!  Deadline Day was INCREDIBLE!  If that wasn’t the triumph of pure intellect, I don’t know what is!  Huet for, in effect, Brian Sutherby?  Matt Cooke for Matt Pettinger?  Sergei Federov for THEO RUTH?!  There are deals, there are steals, there is thievery, and then there is Huet for a second-rounder.  Does anybody want to check if there are any outstanding arrest warrants on George McPhee for grand larceny?  Man, oh man!  Intellect certainly triumphed as February drew to a close, but in an unexpected place.  I was thinking intellect on the ice, where I should have been thinking intellect off it.  Right idea–intellect triumphs–but wrong person (I said Coach Boudreau when I should have banked on Mr. McPhee.)  Halfway there, but not quite.

Distribution: Not really much I could have gotten right or wrong on this one.  This wasn’t right or wrong.

Bottom line:  “I see adversity coming, but I also see success despite that adversity.”  We’re still in contention, and if Carolina continues to skid, we’ve got a legitimate shot at the Southeast crown for the first time in a while.  Success despite adversity did indeed turn out to be how the month turned out, and I’m glad I got to see a preview of that.




1. Hip - March 2, 2008

Nice to see your thing on the jumbotron tonight – kudos!

2. CapitalSpirit - March 2, 2008


Thanks. I think I may end up having to cop out and write a post about the whole thing, even at the risk of looking like I’m tooting my own horn.

Oh, wait–Smiley’s the guy with the horn.

Thanks for the kind words.–CS

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