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March Predictions February 29, 2008

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If there’s one rule in Tarot, for both readers and querants, it’s this: Don’t ask a question you don’t want an answer to.  The cards are usually brutally honest, and can sometimes tell you things you might not want to hear.  The news this month is mixed–I see a successful month despite some obstacles in the team’s way, and despite some very negative subconscious energy in the locker room.  I’m using a new deck this month: Tarot of the Angels.  I will still use the Celtic Cross layout.  Some of the cards have different names than their equivalents in the Quest deck, and some of the suits are named differently.  I will use the names of the cards as given in this deck.

Card 1: Basis.  Ace of Chalices, reversed.  The Ace of Chalices represents pure emotion.  Reversed, it would indicate a very emotional–and negative–mood as the basis of this question.  That wouldn’t surprise me: Matt Pettinger is gone, we now have a third goalie, and some players may feel like the odd man out after all the deadline-day wheeling and dealing.  February wasn’t exactly our best month of the season, and some of the games we have coming up in March do not look that easy on paper (Bruins, Penguins, Flames, and so on).  Given all that, it’s understandable why emotions may be running a bit on the negative side in the home locker room at Verizon Center.

Card 2: Crossing.  Card: Eight of Pentacles.  The scene depicted on the card is of a goldsmith beating a sheet of gold, while in the background, an angel holds a flag above him which shows an eight-pointed star and eight gold coins.  Recall that a crossing card represents either the road you’re on, or an obstacle in your way.  Here, I will take this card to mean that progress will be rewarded, even if the work isn’t easy.  Carolina is still ahead of us, and we still have two more games against them head-to-head: those are games which may make or break our season.  We’ve had trouble with the Bruins ever since the lockout.  Pittsburgh is never easy, and I don’t care if Crosby stays on the shelf until July–that one’s going to be tough.  But the message of the Eight of Pentacles as a crossing card is, Don’t be afraid: it may take incredible effort, but there will be progress.  But does progress mean success?  I’ll get there…no skipping ahead.

Card 3: Distant Past.  Card: Three of Pentacles.  The scene on the card is of a smiling baby angel–diaper and all, which I’ll admit I’m not a huge fan of–floating through the clouds carrying a basket on its back, with three large coins, some roses, and some pearls in the basket.  The message here is one of Divine reward: receiving everything you need from a kind and loving God.  Now, this is showing up in the distant past, which seems to be about right: we did very well in December and January, and February wasn’t quite as rewarding.  So it does make sense to see this turning up in the distant past.  The message here, I believe, is that the rewards may not come as easily as they did in the distant past.  This goes hand in glove with the Eight of Pentacles as a crossing card: March is going to be a lot of work for the Capitals.  Between these last two cards, the message I’m reading seems plain enough: March will not be an easy month.  That’s not to say the Caps will fall out of playoff contention; it’s only to say that they won’t be able to sleepwalk their way to a division title, which I think should be obvious with Carolina still in front of us.  Basically, don’t think a couple of great trades are by themselves going to win you the division, gentlemen.  You still have to earn your title.

Card 4: Recent Past.  Card: Knave of Chalices, reversed.  I’m going to quit trying to identify individual players with specific Court cards.  Sometimes, Court cards don’t always represent individuals–just very powerful instances of their respective suit.  Here, the suit is Chalices, so that would mean this is a big, unpleasant emotional influence that is just now receding.  My intuition says that this isn’t a player: it represents that three-game winless streak we just snapped against the Wild the other night.  I’m sure there was quite a bit of negative emotion to be had amongst the players when we lost in Carolina 6-3 last Saturday night.  The good news here is that the negative emotional influence depicted here is receding, and the mood may in fact be looking up.  Management has shown its commitment to contending this year, and that can no doubt have lifted spirits in the locker room.  For Alex Ovechkin, this is the first time in his career that the team has been in a buying mood at the deadline.  Think this’ll get the “Gr8 One” going for the next month?

Card 5: General Direction.  Card: Four of Chalices.  I can’t really describe the scene on the card here, and I’m not about to scan it for legal reasons.  Let me just give my interpretation of it, and let that be that.  Basically, what this card tells me in this position is that things are headed for a time of emotional reflection.  The person depicted on the card is shown with his arms folded in prayer, while an angel and what looks like a bipedal bear stand behind him bearing two of the four Chalices.  (The other two are standing on rocks in front of the pray-er.)  So, emotionally, we’ve gone from a reversed Knave of Chalices to a 4 of Chalices, which would indicate that emotions should be settling down at this point.  Now it’s just a matter of remembering where we came from, how we got here, and where we want to go–then going out and executing.  That, I think, is the message of this card in this position.

Card Six: Immediate Future.  Card: The Wheel, reversed.  Essentially, this is an indication that bad luck may be a factor in the immediate future.  It may not even be a case of bad play, just a funky bounce that’s got to go to Toronto to be verified.  Things may not go according to plan in the next few games: some of what may happen may simply be a matter of just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Now, this is not a certainty–no future-positioned card is.  However, if luck does turn against the Caps in the next few games, they can at least know that their luck won’t be bad all month.  This is an immediate card, not a long-term card, so whatever influence this card has shouldn’t last the entire month.

Card 7: Querant.  Card: 4 of Swords, reversed.  The scene here is of a stone angel at the head of a casket, with four swords along the side of the casket.  Straight up, that would indicate the end of things: reversed, I think it may indicate that this team is a long way from done.  This is not the end, but the beginning.  Mentally–Swords represent the mind, recall–this team has not given up on itself, and the ending that might have looked closer due to our play this past month is now reversed.  Where things go in March is up for the team to determine, but the mental monkey would seem to have gotten off our back after beating Minnesota the other night.  That may be something to draw on heading down the stretch of the season.

Card 8: Outside Influences.  Card: Two of Chalices.  The scene here is a simple one: a man and a woman toasting each other with their Chalices, while above, an angel displays the banner “AMOR MEO.”  (That is, My Love.)  So the influence coming to the Caps from the outside right now, put simply, is pure love.  Verizon Center is filling up again; the fans are starting to get more into the games; and I think we, the fans, are now starting to Believe in this team.  Not as strongly as I might perhaps like, but the Belief, the love, is certainly there, surrounding this team from the outside.  Overall, a sweet card to draw in this position.

But what about Card 9, Hopes and Fears?  The card I drew was The Tower, which usually isn’t a pleasant card.  What this card says to me in this position is that the team still, on a subconscious level, is afraid things could still go south.  We’re not running away with the Southeast, and we’ve still got some challenging opponents on tap this March.  There may be some in the dressing room who are still worried that this improbable run under Coach Boudreau is too good to be true, and that things will revert down the stretch to how they were the last couple of years.  I hope that’s not a widespread fear among the team, and I also hope it gets the kibbosh sooner rather than later.  March can be a successful month; but being stuck in the fear of the worst is not the way to move forward.  I hope this fear is vanquished, and soon.

Card 10: Outcome.  Card: 5 of Swords, reversed.  The 5 of Swords, face-up, represents defeat; reversed, it signals, if not victory, then at least some measure of success.  This isn’t a bad Outcome card to have by any means, but I would have liked a more emphatic card than a reversed 5.  Still, this does indicate success, if not outright victory.  That signals a winning record, I would suppose, but not winning enough to clinch the division by the end of the month.  If that’s indeed the case, the final 3 games at Verizon Center in early April will be for the whole enchilada.

Final thoughts: This reading indicates some success despite obstacles, and a good outcome to the month overall.  However, it’s not entirely wall-to-wall good news.  All told, it would seem that we’ll do just fine in March, but perhaps not as well as some would like.  The outcome is one of general success, not outright victory, so that might indicate that this season will go down to the wire.  Fasten your seat belts and hang on to your hockey sticks, Caps faithful–it’s going to be one crazy month of March.




1. peppergame - March 19, 2008

I enjoy the tarot readings, and so far looks like Card 6 was spot-on with the “black and gold” weekend of Boston and Pitt – ghastly refereeing in one and the own-goal in the other.

Now, how can I fix my bad karma? I’ve attended 8 Caps games this season and they’ve lost all but one, and that was opening night (!). As an out-of-towner, I can only get to select games, which makes watching all these losses that much more painful.

2. CapitalSpirit - March 19, 2008

Thanks for the kind words–I’m glad at least ONE person enjoys those, as they’re a lot of work. And not everyone has been so appreciative of them.

I’ve been accused of putting the whammy on the Caps with some of these, which should be a ridiculous assertion on its face. I would NEVER intentionally exert a negative influence on this team. However, if I see bad news out there, I’m honor-bound to pass it along as dispassionately as I can. I don’t like getting bad news, either, but if there’s trouble up ahead, I want it known about so that it can be prepared for–if only by the fans, as I hardly expect the team as a whole to take these readings seriously.

I’m going to take your bad karma question more seriously than you may have intended it. I work extensively with angels, so I’m going to answer it from that point of view. Each of the four major archangels can help with different aspects of karma trouble. Michael can help you see clearly and fairly what issues may be blocking you. Raphael can work with you to heal those issues, and Gabriel can give you the strength to overcome them. Uriel can then help you move forward into greater things. That’s a very simplistic outline, but it should be enough to get you started if you’re serious, and it’s not too heavy an answer if you’re just being rhetorical. 🙂

As for being an out-of-towner and not being able to get to many Caps games, I have a solution: move to DC and commute! 🙂 (Kidding…)

A bit of housekeeping: the reason your comment didn’t post right away is that I’ve got this blog set up for pre-moderation on initial posts. On your first comment–and only your first–I have to actually go into my admin page and say that yes, it’s OK for that comment to post. Once I approve your first comment, you’ve got the run of the house, and your future comments will post right away. I have to keep it set that way, unfortunately, because I’ve already had to deal with some repeat abusers that didn’t get the hint when their ad hominem attacks on me didn’t get approved. It’s a cruel, cruel world, alas.–CS

3. Love Tarot - March 27, 2008

One of the most difficult things about tarot reading is, after you’ve learned is picking a spread to use for your reading. There are a variety of spreads for Tarot readings and have to know which one is best.There are many spreads, some of which are extremely complicated. The most basic spread is the Celtic Cross. This is commonly used, and quite honestly,The next most common spread is the Celtic Block. It is actually very similar to the Celtic Cross as the first ten cards are laid out the same way.

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