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January Results February 2, 2008

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All right, now that January’s on the books, let’s take a look back and see how much of what I predicted last month worked out.

Link to the predictions is right here.

Recap of Card 1, Basis.  Death: Endings (reversed).  (excerpt) What Death, reversed, tells me here is that this season is a very long way from over.  Don’t write this season off just yet, Caps fans: based on this, and some other cards further down, I think we might have a shot at the playoffs.  (There, I said it.)  Death, reversed, as the basis of the question, tells me that it’s not over yet.

Result: If I do say so myself, I got this one spot-on.  That was an incredible month of January, and we’ve gone from the cellar to the floor below the penthouse in just 31 days.  Endings reversed, indeed!

Recap of Card 2: Crossing.  Two of Swords: Peace.  This one’s a little too long to excerpt, and I’m not going to just quote the original at length.  Check the original at the top link.

Result: Based on my predictions for February–recall that for February’s predictions, the crossing card was The Tower–January may very well prove to be the calm before the storm.  I thought the men were a little too passive in Montreal the other night.  And it has been a while since the Caps dropped the gloves.  So it’s certainly been a mostly calm month, and there has been a lot more Peace than I’d like to see from this team in the past couple of weeks.  I think I’m right on this so far, but we’ll only know for sure once February is on the books.  So far so good, but this prediction is still open for business.

Card 3: Distant Past.  The Devil: Temptation.  Evaluation: The Caps arguably did a very good job resisting those temptations I alluded to, and look to have convincingly dispatched the devil to the dustbin for the season.  Temptation in the distant past, indeed–they’re playing, pardon the expression, like a team possessed.  Good-but-not-great read.

Card 4: Recent Past.  Daughter of Cups: Connection.  Wrong assignment on this one, I think: Backstrom is a more intellectual player than he is an emotional one, so he’s more properly a Daughter of Swords, on further reflection.  Thing is, though, that what I wrote seems to have been accurate now that the month is on the books.  He had 14 points for the month, yes, but he racked up 8 of those in a two-game span.  Take those two games away, and he had six points in eleven games–quite a disappointment following December, where he had 5 multi-point games compared to 2 in January.  Another possible read on this might have been Tomas Fleischmann, who went from +5 in December to -3 in January.  Flash is a center, as well, so this might just as well have been about him.  I’m going to call this inconclusive-to-misread.

Card 5: General Direction.  Justice: Balance.  I said: “Not bad–this would indicate that the general direction of things is fairly straightforward, with no major swings one way or the other.  Given our recent successes, and the general gestalt of the total layout, I think that means we’ll end up on a fairly even–that’s to say, winning–keel as January progresses….”

Evaluation: I’m going to stay away from picking on the zebras in hindsight, but I did say even, winning keel, and that’s how it turned out.  Good read on this one.

Card 6: Immediate Future.  Five of Wands: Defeat, reversed.  Evaluation: 3 wins out of 4 to start the month, followed by a loss to the Flyers, followed by a 4-game win streak.  I’d love to call this a good read, but those first 5 games were too hit-or-miss to be conclusive.

Card 7: Querant.  Ten of Cups: Success (reversed).  I said that the lack of success indicated by this card was just a reflection on where things stood at the time, and that it didn’t indicate the future.  At least I got that much right.  Good read, I think.

Card 8: Outside Influences.  The Fool: Beginnings.  Evaluation: Our season certainly seems to have found new life as January ends, and the beginnings may end up being the beginning of a run in the second season.  The team certainly made the most of its new start: that much is hard to dispute.  A good read, I think.

Card 9: Hopes and Fears.  Ace of Cups: Emotion.  Evaluation: I haven’t noticed any related comments in the press, so there’s no way for me to objectively evaluate this card.  There certainly was a lot of emotion on display at the end of the month, and Ovechkin’s new deal certainly had emotions throughout the team and the fan base running high.  But I can’t say anything definitive on this.  This one’s inconclusive.

Card 10: Outcome.  Father of Stones: Guardian.  Evaluation: I got a lot of crazy impressions on this one, and misread most of them.  The team did try to go outside by grabbing Kris Beech off waivers, but he’s no Father of Stones.  No trades–that part I got completely wrong.  This wasn’t exactly Kolzig’s month, and Coach Boudreau wasn’t the headline news that this card in this position would have indicated.  I want to say this might have referred to Nylander–he’s certainly got enough experience that he’s a Father card–and losing him was a major piece of news this month.  But the card wasn’t reversed, so I wouldn’t have picked that up anyway.  I would have taken Nylander for more of a Swords (mental) player.  And Kolzig as Stones?  Where did I get that?  Bad, bad, bad read: Kolzig’s an emotional player, so he’s more Cups than Stones.  Overall, this is one read I want the chance to re-do.

Note for future readings: Try to work on doing better with court cards.

 Distribution: Water, 4; Air, 3; Earth, 2; Fire, 1.  Evaluation: Inconclusive.

Overall, I got most of the major news right–that 9-4 finish in January was hard to miss–but some of the other nuances got by me.  I’m hoping I did a better job with February, but I’m not holding my breath.  What was it, like three court cards in that one?  Anyway, I’ll do this again for February’s predictions in another four weeks.





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