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Of Penguins, Shadows, and Not Trying January 20, 2008

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Monday night, we’ll be playing in Pittsburgh, against a team we absolutely despise.  Last time we were here, Ovechkin missed most of the third period with an injury, which turned out to be quite convenient for the Pens, who went on to win the game.  Conspiracy theories flew around the Caps message boards about Ovechkin’s treatment for a couple of days after that, and I believe some of those concerns were not entirely without merit.

This time, however, the Pens will be without the services of their star player, as Sidney Crosby is on the shelf with a high ankle sprain.  That will no doubt work to the Caps’ favor in terms of opposing personnel, but I can see some of the Crosby-Ovechkin rivalry-watchers already breaking out the asterisks.

The Penguins seem to have had our number ever since Crosby joined the league.  I was in attendance that horrible night last season when we led the Pens 4-0 and then went on to lose the game.  Between that horror and the lopsided series history over the past few years, it’s enough to make even a Caps diehard like me wonder: are we simply destined to forever lose to the Penguins?  There are a couple of items I have for your consideration.

First, consider your shadow.  If you chase it, you will never succeed in catching it.  However, if you turn your back on your shadow and walk away from it, you will find your shadow follows you.  Now, equate a shadow with success against the Penguins.  If the Caps try to CHASE success against the Penguins, they will never succeed against them.  However, should they turn their backs and walk away, success will follow.  How is that done?

FORGET the teams’ history.  FORGET the historic bad blood between our clubs.  FORGET the Pens’ docs taking their own sweet time to treat Ovechkin last time we were there.  FORGET IT ALL.  Just get out on the ice and play Capitals Hockey.  Pretend the Penguins are wearing, I don’t know, Coyotes jerseys.  If I were in the locker room, I’d say, Turn your backs to that shadow, guys, and let success follow you.

Another thought.  There’s a scene in “The Matrix” where Morpheus and Neo are sparring, and Morpheus is blocking everything Neo throws his way.  Morpheus then says, “Stop trying to hit me, and hit me.”  As movie lines go, it’s not bad.  But let’s re-work that a bit, shall we?

Memo to the Caps, if any of them give a hang what I say: Stop trying to beat the Penguins, and beat the Penguins.  Don’t just go waltzing into Steeltown on a Monday night, on national TV, and try to win.  You already know how to win; and there’s a future right now where you actually have won this game already.  Just remember how you got there.  A paradox: remember, gentlemen, how you won this game, which you have yet to play.





1. june - January 25, 2008

nice read-Go Caps

2. CapitalSpirit - January 25, 2008

Thanks. We won that one 6-5 in a shootout, so whatever Coach Boudreau said in the locker room, it worked.

I’d love to think he was quoting me at some point, but hey, only in my dreams.

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