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It’s True: Party Animal I’m Not January 10, 2008

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So, tonight was the season ticket holder Meet the Team party for the Caps.  I have yet to miss one of these, so I got into full dress and headed down to the Phone Booth.  First priority: Olie Kolzig.  I grabbed a seat in his section, and waited for Elliot of DC101 to make the introductions.  Ted Leonsis also came out to announce Alex Ovechkin’s new contract.  Even I was shocked that it was a 13-year deal: never in my wildest of Walter Mitty fantasies would I have imagined they’d lock #8 up for any number of years larger than his jersey number.  I made a note to congratulate and thank Ted if I saw him that night.

 So after getting autographs from Kolzig, Cassivi, and Nylander, I headed over to Mike Green, Matt Pettinger, and Steve Eminger.  I actually ran into Eminger last summer at training camp, cloak and all–we ended up in the same elevator headed up to the ice.  I’m glad to see he’s getting more time on ice, and a little bit disgusted that it took a spate of injuries for him to crack the lineup.  A couple of things happened while I was getting all three to sign their pages in the media guide. 

First, who should come walking up to the autograph station but the BMOC himself, team owner Ted Leonsis.  Naturally, he was asking about the cloak, and asked where I’d gotten it.  I gave Half Moon the requisite mention, and Ted joked that for opening night next year, he’d have the guys come out with cloaks and swords.  At least, I HOPE the guy was joking, or else I’m never going to hear the end of it.

Second thing that happened was something I didn’t quite see take place.  I’d printed up a whole slew of business cards for this blog, and was using them to mark the pages in the media guide so the players could turn to their pages quickly.  Well, after I left that station, I noticed one of my cards was missing.  Not entirely sure what happened to it.

Third thing: Eminger asked what was up with the rave lights.  So now I know for sure they can see the things from the bench.  🙂  I said that in Olie’s case, when I move the lights vertically, it’s kind of a Wayne and Garth “Not worthy!”-esque genuflection.  I told Eminger that if he or anyone on the team needed inspiration, to look up to the lights, and know that there’s at least one person in the building who Believes.  I hope he doesn’t keep that to himself.

 So after I got my last autograph, I headed down to the event floor to say hi to some members of the booster club that I’d spotted.  We exchanged pleasantries, and I headed across the floor.  Next thing I knew, some camera jockey was pointing his rig in my general direction.  What the heck, it’s all about showing team spirit, right?  So I went into an abbreviated version of my routine with the rave lights, and the camera guy is telling me to keep going.  All of a sudden, I found myself on the business end of a microphone.  The guy at the other end?  Elliot in the Morning, from DC101.

It gets better.

Elliot was giving me a bit of what I took to be a rough time about the cloak, when all of a sudden, out of nowhere comes a woman I’d met at a game earlier this year.  It was a weeknight game, so I was on my own.  I won the Move of the Game, and had no idea who to take downstairs with me.  Well, I got a volunteer, and we spent the rest of the game hitting it off rather nicely, I thought.  She was practically right next to me when Elliot started interviewing me, and told him in no uncertain terms to take it easy.  Elliot was like, you know this guy?  She said I was her buddy, and Elliot said that we should pretend that the camera we were on was the Kiss Cam.  At this point, I’ll swear my face matched my cloak.  Anyway, we gave the camera a decent smooch.  Elliot then grabbed my left hand and said, “Hey, ladies, he’s available.”

My face probably matched a Los Angeles Kings jersey at that point.

I got the heck out of there pretty soon after that–there was only so long I was going to hang out at the place when everything was closing up and I’d just gotten smooched on the Jumbotron.

It’s true: party animal I’m not.





1. CapitalSpirit - January 12, 2008

One of my readers left a comment that I could not approve outright because the email address looked suspect. Fair question, though, so I’ll pass it along, unedited:

“CS – Is there anything other than “full dress?” If you went sans cloak would it be “half dress” or “3/4 dress?””

My answer: I wear different versions of my “uniform” (I use that word loosely) based on the event, and name it as such: practice dress, event dress, you get the idea. For Caps games and game-day get-togethers, I’ll always be in full dress, even if that means wearing a wool cloak in June (Stanley Cup Finals time, and make no mistake, that will happen some day soon for this team.) At a practice, you might see me in there with a Caps sweatshirt under my cloak, instead of my custom jersey. That cloak is an absolute godsend at the practice rink, by the way–it gets chilly in there. For non-game team events (such as community events, player appearances, and so on), I’ll wear team gear that fits the occasion (Capitals polo, t-shirt, whatever.) The cloak is my visual calling card, however, and the only reason I’d dispense with that would be a non-game team-related event when the weather’s ridiculously warm. In that case, I might switch over to a Caps windbreaker.

I’m ex-military, so I’ve got an informal list of what to wear for this event at that time of the year. My “practice” or “event” sets do NOT have all the heavy symbolism I’ve written about elsewhere, even if some of the components are still there.

I hope that answers your question.–CS

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