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Ailing January 2, 2008

Posted by CapitalSpirit in Uncategorized.

*cough sniffle hack*

I would love to celebrate the Caps’ New Year’s win over the Sens, and perhaps look forward with you all to Thursday night’s game in Beantown.

Alas, this virus I’ve got right now has other ideas.

Chicken soup…check.  Vitamin C…check.  Robitussin…check.  Kleenex…check.  Couch…check.  DVD of “Wings of Desire”…check.  (Hey, it’s all about the essentials….)

I’ll survive, but I may not–and probably should not–be terribly active online for a day or two.  I need to get well first.



UPDATE–Thursday–still not quite out of the woods just yet.  The gunk is slowly leaving, but I still have a wicked cough and some leftover sinus pain.  I’m using everything at my disposal–Western medicine, Reconnective Healing, even a meditation session or three with Archangel Raphael–to get better, but it’s slow going.  This little bug is a nasty one.

Glad the Caps are on the road tonight–I would have had to list myself as Doubtful if they’d been at home.  Your prayers are greatly appreciated.–CS

UPDATE–Friday–still dealing with some lingering sniffles and a cruddy cough.  Bummed about our loss to the Bruins last night, of course (will we EVER solve Tim Thomas?)  Looking forward to a bounceback tomorrow night in Montreal.  It had better be a bounceback–we’ve only got one more game against the Senators in the regular season.  🙂

Thanks to my readers for their prayers and support while I do everything I can to get well.–CS

 UPDATE–Monday evening–just about over this cold, almost, as soon as it gets out of my throat.  I started working on a piece tonight as far as my thoughts halfway through the season are concerned, but it’s not as ready as I’d like it to be.  I should have it ready to go tomorrow night.–CS


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