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January Predictions January 1, 2008

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It’s that time again…time for me to break out my Quest Tarot deck and see what’s ahead for the Caps.  Unlike last month, this time, I’m actually going to share my interpretations, not just list the cards.

 My first impression on looking at this layout is that it has a lot of contrasting cards on it.  Some of these cards just don’t seem to want to go together, but I’ll break this down one card at a time and sum it all up later.

Card 1, Basis.  Death: Endings (reversed).  No, no, no, nobody’s dying here.  Don’t panic, Caps faithful.  🙂  Actually, here, Death is reversed, signalling not endings, but beginnings.  It makes sense: New calendar year, new month, tabula rasa, blank slate.  We dug ourselves a bit of a hole in October and November, and we’ve only just fought our way out of last place in the Eastern Conference.  What this card means here, is that the ending has been reversed: the season we were all so ready to write off a month ago actually seems to have some life left in it, if I’m reading this card correctly.  What this card may mean in this position, is that it’s not over yet.  We haven’t hit the All-Star break yet, so there’s lots of hockey left to play.  What Death, reversed, tells me here is that this season is a very long way from over.  Don’t write this season off just yet, Caps fans: based on this, and some other cards further down, I think we might have a shot at the playoffs.  (There, I said it.)  Death, reversed, as the basis of the question, tells me that it’s not over yet.

Card 2: Crossing.  Two of Swords: Peace.  The Crossing card represents either the path you’re on, or an obstacle in your way.  And in hockey at the very least, peace can be a bit of a detriment.  I know there are some who have suggested that the Caps are too passive, and don’t stand up for each other if an opponent takes a cheap shot.  So one possible interpretation of a Two of Swords crossing, in hockey terms, would be that peace is getting in the way.  Drop the gloves a bit more, stand up for your guys, and don’t be afraid to take names and phone numbers.  Another possible interpretation would be that the team is on a path of peace: in other words, that the road around them right now is as tranquil as it’s going to get for a while.  Calm before the storm, that kind of thing.  It also may indicate that right now, things are still, awaiting further action.  Do the Caps leave the two swords stuck in the ground?  Or will they take the swords up, and perhaps shake things up a little?

Card 3: Distant Past.  The Devil: Temptation.  The only temptation I can think of in the past–October, Novemberish–would have been to surrender to the siren song of sameness, to try to make something out of nothing, or to simply just fold up and table the season.  I certainly wasn’t one advocating for too many changes too fast, and I’ll admit that the changes that have been made–from the promotion of Coach Boudreau to the team’s re-worked style of play–have in fact been changes for the better.  The temptation I’m reading here would have been to surrender to a “build” year, rather than attempt to right things and think playoffs this year.  Since this is showing up in the distant past, that is an indication that its influence is receding rapidly.  Yet it also is a warning: complacency in the face of success will bring only failure.  The temptation is not gone away forever.  Resist the devil, and he will flee from you: every game is important this month, so there can be no giving in to the temptation to mail ANY game in.  In the lead, press for more; if behind, no matter how far, think rally.  This team cannot let its guard down, not even for one shift: this month may well make or break our season.

Card 4: Recent Past.  Daughter of Cups: Connection.  What a Daughter card would indicate here is the influence of a person in the recent past who is very, very young: rookie or prospect, and possibly someone currently in the minors.  Because the Daughter of Cups is all about connection, I want to think that this represents Nicklas Backstrom, who, as a center, is the glue that has to hold his line together.  I don’t think that this is an indication that he’s going to have a snakebit (Kozlov, anyone?) month in January, but I do think it may indicate that his influence may be receding slightly.  Another way to look at it would be that his influence in the recent past, has helped bring us to where we are now; therefore, we need to help expand that influence to help us do that much better.  I think that because of his recent success, he may actually be ready to contribute even more this month than in the recent past.

Card 5: General Direction.  Justice: Balance.  Not bad–this would indicate that the general direction of things is fairly straightforward, with no major swings one way or the other.  Given our recent successes, and the general gestalt of the total layout, I think that means we’ll end up on a fairly even–that’s to say, winning–keel as January progresses.  It also may indicate some influence from Archangel Michael, who’s often depicted with a balance scale.  This also might, just maybe, indicate “being on the right side of justice”–which could mean that we might just get a few lucky calls from the referees before this month is over.

Card 6: Immediate Future.  Five of Wands: Defeat, reversed.  What’s the opposite of defeat?  Why, victory, of course.  This would indicate some success in the team’s immediate future–perhaps a short little win streak to start things off in January.  This card represents the immediate future, which I’d put at maybe three or four games.  I’d love to be able to say that this says we’ve got a four-game win streak, foregone conclusion; alas, the future isn’t as set in stone as all that, and games are played on the ice, not in the cards.  However, this card in this position would indicate success in the immediate future, so I’ll run with it.

Card 7: Querant.  Ten of Cups: Success (reversed).  So, where are things standing right now for the Capitals?  Although the road ahead looks quite promising, this card in this position does indicate that, as of right now, the team isn’t as successful as perhaps it could be.  Really no way to say otherwise, considering how far down the conference standings we are.  Remember, this is a card that represents the PRESENT, not necessarily the future, and I certainly don’t think 14th in the conference is success by any definition.  This was one of the pairings I alluded to earlier that seemed to be contradictory.  It’s not: it’s just a reminder that we’re not in a good position RIGHT NOW.  So I will take this to be an acknowledgement that the team isn’t doing that well at the present; however, given some of the other indications, that will change.

Card 8: Outside Influences.  The Fool: Beginnings.  Remember how Death was the Basis card?  Death is all about endings; The Fool is all about beginnings.  And here, this isn’t even a beginning coming from an end that hasn’t come: this is a fresh beginning, a brand new start, a future of unlimited possibilities.  The Fool is the lowest of the Major Arcana cards, and it indicates the start of life’s journey.  So what we have here, essentially, is an outside influence that’s giving us a fresh new beginning.  New year?  New month?  Newfound hope?  New permanent head coach?  It’s hard to say.  But we’ve got a new beginning in front of us, regardless: let’s make full use of it.

Card 9: Hopes and Fears.  Ace of Cups: Emotion.  What I get from this is that there are a lot of raw emotions being felt within the organization.  Good emotions, since the card is face up, but still, there’s a lot of emotion that’s being perhaps held back.  In an individual reading, this card represents the subconscious, and influences that the querant is adding to the question, whether they know it or not.  When giving a reading for an entire team, that changes things a bit.  I guess you could say that this represents the collective unconscious of the team, the general mood around the organization, or similar.  And right now, there’s a lot of emotional energy in play.  Further, there may be some who aren’t aware of, or don’t accept, the emotional state of the organization.  It would certainly be an emotional time for the Caps right now: this is a make-or-break month, their superstar is being rumor-milled into the ground, the team Captain is still nursing an injury…there are a lot of reasons why emotions would be just beneath the surface.  My counsel, if anyone wants it, is to let that emotion out.  Go back to the Crossing card:  don’t get stuck on Peace.  It’s OK to wear your heart on your sleeve, and I think it might help the team if they let some of these subconscious emotions come to the surface.

Card 10: Outcome.  Father of Stones: Guardian.  Intuitively, I would say this card corresponds to one of three people:  Couch Boudreau, Olie Kolzig, or, perhaps, a veteran outside the organization that will join this team before the end of January.  I think the last possibility is actually the correct one.  I’m thinking that the Caps may pull the trigger on a trade before the month is over, to add one last veteran piece to the puzzle, to make their late-season push.  This would most likely be a veteran who  is very grounded and mature, is quick to look after and stand up for his teammates, and is generally very easy-going around the locker room.

 Distribution: Water, 4; Air, 3; Earth, 2; Fire, 1.  Not a really remarkable breakdown by element, but the Fire–that is, Spirit–energy is a little low right now.  Water–emotion–is running a little high.  Looking strictly at distribution, my advice, if anyone wanted it, would be to let go of some of these raw emotions, and try to turn some of those emotions into energy of the Spirit.





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