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Viewing Party reactions December 18, 2007

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So the Capitals had their first viewing party of the season tonight, and I just got back from it.  If this hadn’t been the very first one of the year, I wouldn’t have gone schlepping all the way out to Fairfax City to participate.  But what the heck, it was at the Hard Times Cafe, and I was thinking, OK, Caps-Wings, prizes, and some Cincinnati 4-Way: why the heck not?

 The game itself was a moral victory if nothing else–we eked out a point against the best team in the NHL after skating with them for a full 65 minutes.  One point against the Monsters of Motown is certainly better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, so we’ll definitely take it.  The full two would have been nice, don’t get me wrong, but one point out of Hockeytown is, at the very least, not a total disaster.  Semin finally got a goal, and a dramatic one at that: it tied the score at 3 with only a few minutes left in regulation.  Sasha also converted in the shootout, not that it mattered.  Because after working absolute magic to keep the Caps in it during regulation and overtime, Olie then topped it off with one more magic trick: he made himself disappear for the shootout.  Memo to Coach Boudreau, even though I know he’ll never read this: PLEASE work on shootouts before they become another monkey on our back.  We had enough problems with those last year that we don’t need to repeat this year.  The points we leave on the table in December are going to be the points we wish we had come March.

As for the party, it was a decent effort.  I came home with a commemorative glass and a couple of squishy pucks.  I also lucked out and got an Alex Ovechkin card when I arrived.  So when Ovie scored, so did I: two tickets to a future game.  Don’t ask: I’ve got enough friends and relatives in the area that those will get used soon.  Slapshot was there ever so briefly–he tossed a squishy puck my way and managed to land it on my table and still keep it out of my Cincinnati 4-Way.  Show-off.

Interesting quote re last week’s Rangers thriller: “We just had faith we were going to win the game, and good things happen when you have faith.”  That’s from Mike Green, as quoted here.  I’d love to know what Green believes about how faith and hockey relate, since that is one of my main foci here at Capital Spirit.

 Next game is at home against the Habs Thursday night.  See you all there.





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